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Thread: It's Beta Time!

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    I pre-ordered Age of Wonders III from GoG, but my computer wasn't good enough to run it, so I asked for a refund. They gave me gift codes for three 10$ games and three 6$ games. (98% of their games at that time were those two prices.) The game I pre-ordered was 45$. Let me repeat, GoG gave me store credit that was three dollars higher than what I paid in the first place. GoG support is awesome.

    P.S. I later bought AoW III during a 50% off sale, because it's the only way to get the soundtrack, and I'll finally be able to get a computer that can play it in early October.
    I am waiting for the relaunch before playing Worlds of Magic, so I don't check the forums as often as I used to. In the meantime, the main forum I post at is, if anyone here needs to contact me.

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    Guys, we're kinda getting off topic for WoM's beta launch. I definitely think DRM is a great topic for debate, but let's move it to a new thread and maybe to the off topic forum unless it's about WoM specifically. Thanks guys


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    So I have the Mayor Level Backer.. I am signed up for the beta for steam but I haven't received a key for it yet. I have gotten an email notification about the beta but no link or anything about the key.

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    Please send an email to support[at]

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    Same problem as Khaldonar Mandiss - Email notice of it getting on steam but no key what so ever
    I have emailed the support so waiting for respons

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