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Thread: Feature request

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    OMG +1 for the keyboard hotkeys. I keep on hitting familar keys (like tab) and expecting something useful to happen.

    Also, some text to indicate what the manual/auto combat buttons mean when you start a battle would be nice, along with (and I've seen this requested elsewhere) a summary of the opposing' army's composition so you can make an informed choice.

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    I would very much like to see the attack bonus of units displayed in the main units stats, so you don’t have to go the advanced unit page for that information. The attack bonus is after all just as important as the damage.

    In addition to this it would also be very nice if there was a popup with the chance to hit an enemy unit when you hover over it with one of your own units selected. This would probably be especially helpful to people that are not D&D geeks.

    It could like be in this example:

    Chance to hit: 20% x4
    2-9 damage per hit
    Chance to hit: 60% x2
    6-16 damage per hit

    I would also very much like to see some of the D20 combat options implanted, especially these:
    Total defense: +4 AC but you can’t attack
    Fight defensively: +2 AC, but you get -4 attack

    I would also like to see cover implanted, so that units get cover bonuses to AC if a shooter has to fire over other units or obstacles.

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    I've only been playing for about three hours, so it's entirely possible that many of these are just me being dense. If so, please feel free to replace "ability to do X" with "cover how to do X in the tutorial hints and/or tooltips".

    I should like to see:
    • Popup notification when a city increases in population (similar to when a city has finished a building)
    • Battle map mouse controls set to RTS-style or MoM-style depending on settings, not just main map mouse controls
    • Ability to change camera angle on the main map
    • Ability to set waypoints for units
    • More keyboard shortcuts, or better tooltips indicating what those shortcuts are if they're already there
    • Some way to cancel spellcasting
    • +1 on the seeing-dice-rolls thing, possibly with an option in settings choosing to display "minimum combat messaging" (as it is now), "verbose combat messaging" (in accordance with Kris's suggestion, for non-D&D types), or "d20 combat messaging" (something along the lines of "Swordsman rolled 14+5 = 19 vs. AC 17 - hit!").
    • Along similar lines, more transparency with spell save DCs; it's no good telling me what my enemy's Will save is if I don't know the save DC of my Charm spell
    • More transparency about what the resources on the world map do, like "fish", "oysters", and "orichalcum", preferably through tooltips
    • Some sort of 2D icon-based view for those of us whose PCs get 3 FPS during battle scenes
    • More obvious indication of how much movement an army has remaining on the main map

    Finally, I know this isn't going to make it into the game (conservatism in design is a strength when attempting to make a spiritual successor to MoM, that notoriously inimitable game), but the use of d20 screams to me for customizable units, as done (not very ably, I must admit) by Fallen Enchantress and Endless Legend. It's something I will almost certainly attempt to mod into the game, so I hope that backend support for this sort of mod will be strong.

    This is a bloody outstanding thing you're doing here. Keep up the good work!
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    I'd like an option to "flatten" the map. The 3D isometric is cute but it makes it difficult to understand what I'm seeing. Perhaps a way to do this (depending on how you coded objects) is an option to adjust the scale of the non-functional graphical objects in map spaces. Functional things (special resources, ruins, etc) could be left as they are, but much smaller mountains / trees / whatever would make the map easier to navigate and understand at a glance.

    I'd like an option to square-grid the map. Make x horizontal and y vertical. What's the point of diagonal squares? Oh, it's to make the 3D isometric map look better. Do I need that? No, I need to easily know "this is 3 spaces down and 2 spaces diagonal."

    I just read the thread, seems 'v' will be an answer to some of this. Will check this out soon.
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    Keyboard commands.
    1) End turn by pressing enter. (Or something else)
    2) I want to move my troops without touching the mouse. Tab switches between the units when they're done: great! If I don't need to cast something or adjust my cities this turn, let me do my movement and be done without touching the mouse.

    Somehow + and - adjust your tax rate (found that by accident) but I didn't happen to notice any non-mouse driven commands for movement.
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    1) End turn by pressing enter. (Or something else)
    T. You need to give orders to units first, though.

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