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Thread: What Do You Guys Think So Far?

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    Nudge, we're going to work on getting everything streamlined so you can play well beyond the 70 turn point. We've run into some bugs and other issues we didn't expect. Of course, that's exactly the kind of thing this testing is supposed to find. The information we've collected already should help us put together a much better build.

    Verjigorm, I plan to update the getting started guide this week. There are a few not-so-intuitive points, but the guide should explain them. In the long run the tutorial will walk the player through all the basics. Also, there's going to be some kind of display to show you what tiles a city is making use of.

    Aleksey, this is the late-alpha, so it's still a little alpha-esk. There is a good deal of content right around the corner. Ironically the game was fairly optimized in the previous alpha build, we just added a good bit for this new build. As is often the case, it seems we tried to go too fast. You guys are dealing with a less-than-streamlined build because we wanted to get it into your hands. Either way, more stability and optimization are on the way, as is more content.

    I want to thank you all for your feedback and ask you to share any feature requests you have. We have a special thread for that here:

    Feature Requests

    Keep up the testing and we'll keep up the work. Together we'll make this game something truly special
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    Just loaded up and started playing this morning. I have played a couple of games to around turn 70. I'll just flat out give you my first impression.

    First, a bit of background so you understand where I am coming from.... I love nothing more than a good turn based strategy game. I've been playing them since all I had to work with was DOS command lines =) I've played them all pretty much and it is still my favorite type of game. I have always been a game play > pretty graphics guy. Also, I have worked in IT for 20+ plus years and current lead a large program in my organization which include several software development efforts so I know where you are coming from =)

    OK, on to the impression....

    The is not intuitive. There were many thing that should of just been a no-brainer that took some figuring out. Starting from how to select schools of magic through how to manage an army. It took me quite a bit to figure out to to give the command to build a building. The spell book was straight forward but most everything else took some figuring out. Probably more than it should of, at least it felt that way.

    I see you had disabled the tutorial and that would probably help with this a great deal. Still, for me at least, most things are not intuitive.

    I am not sure I like the troop movement mechanic but am not sure. What I mean is I cannot select the army by itself without the "end of turn" button turning into a "army" symbol and auto-selecting the army. Maybe I have just not figured it out yet.

    Also, I had an army of 5 troops appear in my city to defend it when attacked by wandering bad guys. I did not build them. They were just there. Is that an Alpha design to stop me from being taken over by the first bad guys that wander along?

    Please make roads more distinctive, easier to see.

    Please, please, please.... Space bar or Enter to end a turn. Please, please, please. Don't make me click on a button. Please.

    Maybe provide a hero to start. That would really add a Role Play feel to the game. I was disappointed to see no hero off the start.

    There may be other things but I can say you may clear up many of my "complaints" with a simple tutorial or "mouse over help".

    You are getting there. Part of my challenge is I don't know where you are supposed to be vs. where you are =) It's alpha and the game works. That's a big step in it of itself.

    Edit: Forgot to add... my graphic performance is solid. Right at 70fps or so.

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    Scrogz, thanks for the feedback. The word “intuitive” is likely to fill our dreams over the next few months, lol. The interface does need a bit of streamlining here and there. However, as you point out the tutorial will help a lot. As I've said in several post over the last couple of days, I'm planing to update the getting started guide soon. That should be a solid source of “howto” information

    There is an issue with giving the armies orders at the moment. When it's working like it should you can manually select and move your armies each turn (by finding them on the world map or by using the armies menu). The Army button that replaces the end button will only show up if you have an army you haven't moved yet. At the moment it gets confused and keeps taking you back to armies that shouldn't need to be issued orders. That should be fixed soon.

    The defensive units are a form of militia. They may or not make it in-game for certain races. This is something we talked about a while back, but never came to a firm decision on. It's very easy to change and having it on now makes testing a little easier.

    Roads are going to get some polish, no worries there.

    Having the space bar end the turn is a great idea!

    You can start with a hero, but you have to take a discipline to do that:


    I'm glad you feel we're on the right road. We agree

    Hopefully we'll have a new build up soon that addresses some of the issues we're having.
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    Alot of my concerns around 'intuitive' really was due to lack of any kind of instructions/tutorial and, like most other gamers, I would not of read the manual even if there was one. So long as it is easy to repeat once you figure it out the first time it'll be fine.

    The militia idea is really different and I am not sure of I like it or don't. If you are going to spam wandering units like it is now then it'll be a decent idea but one of the core thing you fight in 4X games is how much to garrison vs. how big are exploring armies. You eliminate that with the militia. As I said, not sure if it's good or bad.

    I also have no idea how to take advantage of the nodes I find. Once again, probably a tutorial deal.

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    At the moment you can use a group of spearmen to build a siphon on a node. In the long run the clerics will have that ability. It's a little odd, but it will work. Again, it is a matter the tutorial or getting started guide will help with a great deal

    Just move an army with spearmen in it onto a freed node and click "build siphon". They'll fortify and after a few turns the siphon will be built.
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    I was able to play a little bit last night. So far I like the graphics and concept, it just over all needs a lot of polishing (which alpha tests are supposed to). I'm someone that grew up on Master of Magic and I believe today the game is still relevant, it transcended the x4 genre that much. Just understand that most people like me are going to be looking for a game that's a close to MoM, with just updated graphics, game engine and maybe a few modern touches.

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    Thanks for weighing in. Do you have anything specific you'd like to see tweaked or changed?
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    When i get more time i will try out the smaller world sizes so i can maybe actually load. I showed my dad (whom showed me MoM when i was literally 2 years old) this game and how impressed i am at how many little features from MoM trickled into this game, and everything else was just improved or added, not changed liked other "MoM-like" strategy games have formed into. I literally yelled with joy when i saw i could actually have islands and change the land percentages. As for graphics, it seems just good enough to fit the bill of "improved" rather than missing the mark. Overall good job guys! When your done, expect another copy for my dad!
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    Just figured out you can adjust the land types as well. I'm loving this beta and everything you guys are doing. Great work!
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    Yeah, I've played a couple games to around turn 50 or so. I like the look of Sorcerer Lord creation quite a bit, though I only figured out how to select circles accidentally (I probably could've figured it out with a few minutes). Hills are hard to identify, I commonly think that they're plains or so. I also enjoy the look and feel of the menus, especially the magic panel. Finally, it would be nice to be able to see what tiles my town is using for resources. I'm having a lot of fun with it though, as I keep coming back to it even though with the bug I posted in the bug thread, every time I load a save my progress on building buildings resets (which caused me to not even make one building on my first save due to reloading to test the bug). Also, I like the character limit on naming, and even though I like longer names, I haven't found an ill effect from it yet. Curtis the Enhancer Enchanter prevails! I'll let you know more as I progress.
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