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Thread: What Do You Guys Think So Far?

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    As always, thanks for the feedback guys. Keep posting. (Just because we don't always have time to reply doesn't mean we're not reading.)
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    Quick comment on City/Empire Management: I actually really appreciate how much more simplistic the MoM/WoM style of management is over something like Civ. The interesting part isn't the cities to me. The interesting part is learning spells, exploring features, building armies, casting spells, taking over the world, etc. The city management stuff adds some depth to your strategy, but isn't something you have to necessarily sit and think about.

    Just offering up a differing opinion. Complexity isn't always good, imo.

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    After putting over 50 hours of play testing on the current build, I now officially have the "just one more turn" addiction. However, that is mainly do to tons of experimentation, research, and helpful advice from other players. The current issue is the steep learning curve. I believe just about anyone can enjoy this game "after" they have learned all it's ins and outs.

    That being said, future GUI/Quality of life changes will easily resolve the learning curve issue. Once the game is more intuitive and less trial and error, I can easily see it being a big hit. I really hope a lot of that can make it into the release version of the game, as first impressions can make or break any title. I feel this is more important than game balance, as no title is expected to be perfectly balanced upon release. That is always a work in progress with any game. Obviously dealing with stability/bugs takes priority, but the more "icing" you can fit on the cake the better.

    All in all, damn fine job Devs!

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    Thank you, Sir. (And remember, there's no need to struggle against "one more turn addition". Unless of course you're married... Lol.)

    And I want to thank all you members of the community who are helping us reduce the learning curve. Needless to say, the more people we can get playing the better.
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