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Thread: Difficulty Level

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    I am interested. I'll have to go take a look.
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    Now, I also want to say that I honestly like the idea of negative resources if they were handled properly. Leaving the difficulty argument to the side for the moment, I think they could add some interesting gameplay elements. Having given it a bit of thought I feel it might be a good idea if negative resources could be corrected with a labor option from within the city (keep in mind that I've been playing MoO2 this week and I'm a huge terraforming fan). However, I think the topic is a bit too much to discuss here and I honestly feel it's DLC material. Troy, could you start another thread about it so we can weigh the pros and cons?
    Sure! I'll be glad to.
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    From playing The A.I will need to improve otherwise why bother playing. I've seen many games where the spearman sit near their city waiting to be conquered. I have yet to see one A.I produce anything more then a spearman, they need heroes and they will need to explore.

    Right now MOM A.I is better unfortunately but given time I'm sure things will develop.

    One good way is me vs the world meaning all sorcerer Lords ally to fight u be a nice feature.

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