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Thread: Difficulty Level

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    Not exactly on topic.

    But I am still intrigued by the idea, that the AI might be scriptable by "users". If that can be achieved with some reasonable speed. Sooner or later "individual" (specialized) AIs for each sorcerer lord (type) will appear. These should be much harder to compede against than the "basic" all around AI.

    Is the Option for user scripted AIs still "in" or was it sacrificed at some point?

    I for one would love to play around with that and do WOM-Contest of compeding AIs :-)


    Anyone know CRobots or Corewars?
    Or more specialized - JPortal (a game I wrote) where the different AIs can battle each other? (MTG / TCG)

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    A bit more on topic:

    Placement of starting positions. These DOES effect difficulty usually a great deal. I you can think of any algorythms to put AI at better starting positions as humans - that might be challanging to.

    Good idea!
    Income where you could increase their per population income
    Growth slider where you could increase their population growth rate.
    Tech slider where you could increase their study rate.
    Magic slider increasing magic generation from all sources.
    Production rate sliders increasing building and unit creation rates.
    And even though I don't like it hit point/stat sliders.
    What else might there be?
    Diplomacy slider?
    Either each turn you drift away some points from all others or all AIs drift "towards" each other?

    Fame slider?
    More or less fame generation? (less heros want to join you?)

    Anything else?

    Regards Malban

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    Not sure if this goes under the same heading, but I think ranged combat might want to be looked at more closely. As it is I can build a pair of crossbowmen and they are scary effective at keeping things at arms-reach. One x-bow unit can hold off 2-3x it's number in melee units, it seems.

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    I know it's been said that the Militia will eventually get removed, but I'd hate to see a mechanic you guys have perfected go to waste. So why not this, on Easy level a town can have up to 3 Militia units and on Normal level a town can have 1. On Hard and Impossible, it's zero. How's that sound?


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    It's something we've talked about. We can certainly consider it
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    some games have preset options for easy, medium, hard, etc. and as you enable/disable options a value that represents how difficult the game is changes to reflect your options. perhaps militia could be an option that one could enable or disable, with a default being preset for different difficulties (along with all the other factors that alter difficulty).

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    I kinda like the Militia idea it's workable and simple and I would vote for it to be retained.

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    I like Jamoecw's suggestion the best, but definitely would vote against dropping the militias altogether. If it were something we didn't already have, I wouldn't push to spend programming time on it -- but since it already exists, I do like it. It makes sense, and to a large extent, suggests that the troops you hire and train are actually intended to be sent out, while accepting that really nobody would be foolish enough to leave a town completely undefended.

    Indeed, they're something I'd really look at possibly expanding when we get to DLCs -- giving towns improvements that can strengthen your Militia, more city and global enchantments focused on the idea, etc, letting you protect your cities better while freeing up more... upkeep-eating units for exploration and conquest. It has a *lot* of potential in the Protection Sphere, especially.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy_Costisick View Post
    Let's not just focus on the AI when it comes to increasing the difficulty. I think there's a lot of other options. Here's a few:

    -World features around the player's cities spawn enemies more and more frequently the higher the difficulty.
    -Negative events happen more frequently in higher difficulties, and player cities are more likely to suffer any population loss and/or damage from them than AI cities.
    -Players start with fewer units (which would mean they start with more units on easier settings).
    -Starting cities on higher difficulties tend to be build on deserts or swamps.
    -World resources tend to spawn less frequently in areas explored by players the higher the difficulty you go.

    Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head
    I dont like the bolded point.
    This just forces many players,including myself,to constantly start a new map generation,over and over again,until the starting position is halfway decent.
    I belong to the type of player that wants to play vs the toughest AI on the hardest settings, BUT with a regular and rather interesting starting area.
    Sliders to have more control on this are good idea.

    If I read " players start with fewer resources" I immediately think,that the AI opponent should start with more gold/mana/disciplines/spell books and armies. This isnt exactly a cheating AI in my book,so to speak just a more experienced opponent
    When it comes to cheating, I think of extra gold/mana per turn,less damage,more xp per turn and such things.
    Since making even a semi decent AI for this huge game will be a very tough thing to do, I do think that we will need a cheating AI on the highest settings in the end so that expert players still have some challenge.
    Making the environment harder is btw always a double-edged sword since the AI has to cope with that environment as well..and if you only make it harder for the player,you actually let the AI cheat ...

    What I would like to see would be something like this,along the line it was in MoM:


    -Player starts with more Gold and more Mana
    -Player starts starts with more Armies(or always with a Hero)
    -Ai opponents dont play at 100% and are generally much more passive and peaceful(might be an idea to not allow AI opponents playing Unhallowed at this level)
    -The environment is in general more player friendly and bad events are less likely


    -everyting is even and normal
    -AI plays to his best abiltiy but doesnt get any bonuses,player doesnt get negative bonuses.

    -Player starts with less gold and Mana
    -AI starts with more Gold and Mana
    -AI sorcerors start with more disciplines and/or spell books
    -Environment is in general less player friendly


    -Players starts with zero (almost zero) Gold and Mana and less armies
    -AI starts with a lot more gold/mana/armies
    -AI starts with a lot more disciplines/spell books
    -AI is cheating and gets some bonus mana and gold per turn,as well a much higher chance for heroes
    (-AI armies gain xp faster)

    This is almost like it was in MoM.It should be noted though,that in MoM the AI already did receive a lot of extra gold and mana per turn on Hard setting(actually i believe even on normal,too).
    So,only making the AI really cheat on the highest setting could be a nice in-between solution imo.

    Add to this some more sliders,to have better influence on the difficulty,especially for environment settings.
    Not everyone that wants to play the hardest AI ,wants also to play in a very hostile environment.

    Also,+1 to make Militia optional.

    I agree with Happerry,that the AI on Impossible should not always instantly declare war on the player.Diplomacy should be harder but still possible. There could be an additional "I am the greatest" checkbox appearing after clicking on Impossible.If checked than all AI players start the game at war with the player with no diplomacy allowed(The AI should still fight each other though).Just an idea.

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    We should have more than 4 difficulty levels IMHO, with a more progressive scaling. Like 6 or 7. But the overall idea sounds fine, yes. AI could also get more HP/unit at harder levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilobug View Post
    We should have more than 4 difficulty levels IMHO, with a more progressive scaling. Like 6 or 7. But the overall idea sounds fine, yes. AI could also get more HP/unit at harder levels.
    Isn't that "cheating" or do I misunderstand the concept? Honest question
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