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Thread: [Bug hunt] Load issues

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    [Bug hunt] Load issues

    Post any load-related problems here
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    Not sure if it is load or save issue, but after save + load all my cities dissapeared except the capital .

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    Can you post the information in the "Read Me" post?

    Read Me

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    Read Me is "closed"

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    Sorry, I thought you would still be able to read it. It says:

    When reporting a bug please upload, if possible:

    • save (\Documents\Wastelands-Interactive\Worlds of Magic\Saves\) and all available autosaves in (...\Saves\Autosave\)
    • output_log (\Steam\SteamApps\common\WorldsOfMagic\WorldsOfMag ic_Data\output_log.txt)
    • ai logs (\Steam\SteamApps\common\WorldsOfMagic\WOther_WOrl dAI_date_time)

    Everybody needs friends! Aaron's Facebook Page

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    oh, I still can read it, I just tought You want me to put it in there
    Will create a clean scenario for the load issue and post ..

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