Can you add some fast movement options for combat? The battles are really quite slow when moving an army across from one side to the other, each unit shooting is also very slow.. nice to see the first time but its making me autoresolve battles too often because I dont want the hassle.
Second thing is the quite crazy amount of neutral aggression i was getting, 2-4 attacks on my town per turn 30 minutes in until eventually one won and i was defeated. Also ended up autoresolving them as it was such a waste of time to deal with them one by one. Made it impossible for me to explore past the first few turns, i'm an experienced player of these types of game but this was just not fun at all. Get that balance right, stop the random crashes, put a limit on autosaves so i suddenly dont have 20 of them in my load list (also there was a bug with the save game time not recording properly when overwriting) and you are on to a winner.

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Another new game, found other town near me, they started offering me a defensive alliance every second turn or so, demanding resources I didnt have, and wouldnt stop offering whether I clicked yes or no. Not very clear whether they were offering or demanding resources, the list seemed to have some drag properties which felt a little odd. The repetitive offering very quickly made the game not worth proceeding with. I bought this partly on the strength of the positive steam reviews, and have no doubt that this will be a great product when the testing is complete and you have fixed the bugs, but I think you have a long way to go, and my experience so far on a few games is that it is not really a playable product yet, and you have a multitude of severity high defects to attend to (I spent several minutes just deleting old autosaves which was a bit of a pain and looks like a real easy fix). I'll come back and recheck the game a few releases along, I have completely different stuff to run testing on in the meantime with a monumental list to clear, and this game still feels more like work than fun at the present moment - but I love the design and think it will be a blast to play.