Well, I played the game for a couple of hours and gotta say I am happy, this feels like MoM, it might be a tad early but seems you guys are on the right track.
I've played High men only, so far so that might color the impressions.
I've run into some hurdles:

  • Was able to hurry into negative numbers, somehow, not sure what happened, but hurried a spearman and ended into the negatives. bug?

  • The money, food numbers seem unreliable at the moment, I have a small number of food (related to granaries and similar buildings?) and doesn't store more than that. Money on the other hand seems to go from +2(.5) to +6 at end turn (food excedent converted to money?) but the money amount only changes by the first number.

Suggestion: a Ledger, we need a way of seeing how many money enters and exits our kingdoms, if we use money, or whatever the undead use.

  • City radius, we have no way of knowing how it works, I understand that this will change but it bears repeating. personally I'd like to have a detailed tile report in the city screen and a border in the world map to make things more visible (same goes for when selecting the build city option from the settler menu.

  • Army Splitting, right now I haven't fully figured how to do so, the stacks tend to draw a lot of units I'd rather they stay in their home cities defending and that is problematic, to say the least.

I'd like to see some goodie huts or dungeons or whatever, Haven't explored too much this time so not sure if they are there, not implemented yet, or what. perhaps we should have a setting that determines the density of dungeons and goodie huts at creation?

Basic spells: the spellbook appears bare at the beginning, no spells at all, I personally feel we should be able to select a handful of spells, related to the number of circles we have, like in MOM to speed things up and give you some options.

Roaming monsters, so far I haven't seen a one, are they in yet? it might be interesting to set the intensity of the roaming monsters at game creation as well.

A funny one: My wizard is called "insert name here" or something along those lines and I am reminded of that factoid at each new turn , perhaps a check to force us to actually fill that important line line at wizard creation?(I'll be first to admit that my attention was on the circles and point distribution ) and while we are at it, perhaps the possibility of creating and storing custom wizards for new games? (like Legendary heroes does) at least a few slots to keep our favorite builds on hand would be great.

And speaking of speeding things up, it might be a good idea to reduce production times of basic buildings, I think that might speed up the early game, which is rather slow.

That is all thus far. Ah, is there a central suggestion thread, for the Alpha? at first glance I wasn't able to find one :/