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Thread: [Bug hunt] Attacking a city from distance

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    [Bug hunt] Attacking a city from distance

    It's sometimes possible to attack a city from distance.

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    I'm not sure I understand what [bug hunt] means. I just played for another hour and was able to duplicate this bug a few times. It always happened when I was attacking my city that had been taken over by the AI. I was able to do this with melee only (swordsman) as well as with 2 Crossbowman. This bug did not happen when I attacked the AI built city.

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    Same happend to me .

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    [Bug hunt] denotes the fact that we know about the bug and are actively trying to hunt it down. The information we want is posted in the "Read Me" post:

    Read Me

    If you can get us that after you run into the bug that would be great! Thanks!!
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    the Read Me thread is closed . ... It has been explained by baenre: build a city, let AI get it, than You can attack and get the city by Your unit even from several squares distance

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    [resolved, closing]

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