Hi, just bought the game on steam recently and have some questions:

I read through your manual and its very brief summary, especially concerning how odds and checks are done, is there any advanced reading on this so that I can understand how all the battles are calculated?

I am playing as the USA right now. I'd like to know what is in store down the line if I don't start a war with Japan? What happens if I don't make any actions against Japan from the in game triggered events.

When I bomb enemy units with my Bomber, it says one of a few things "minimal damage" "medium damage" "heavy damage", whenever I have minimal damage result or medium damage result and the enemy unit didn't lose strength...what was the damage?? I don't notice any reduction in effectiveness either, so really my bombing run had no effect and might as well give me a message "failed bombing" instead of telling me damage was inflicted, am I missing something here? Also I seen a number of times where it say "heavy damage" inflicted but still no drop in strength or effectiveness.