Our beloved team has made huge modifications to the original translation file.
It has been decided to add the new sections after the last translated paragraph AND new strings into the already translated part (painted in green).

However, after a quick review, I noticed three points:
  1. Some strings have been filled in the file English.txt but not in the file French.txt (ex : eventGaiasCursedesc = Mother Earth is furious. Her cur versus eventGaiasCursedesc = Mother Earth is furious. Her curse strikes all the living!)
  2. Some strings have been removed in the English.txt file (ex : effectImmobilize). I assume that this is voluntary and that I should remove it in the French.txt file. Can we have a confirmation on this point?
  3. Some stings have been added in the English.txt file and not in the French.txt file (ex : effectManaLeak)

I think that each translator (mainly Trudd, Kilobug and myself) should check his part and make the corrections.
What do you think?

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Fourth vigilance point: the string may have changed.

Old version:
effectCharmPerson = Charmed

New string:
effectCharmPerson = Take control of target