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    • As you Increase specialization in a Circle, when advancing into Tier II/III, the dots should change color to show the player that enough points have been invested that new Tier spells are available on start.
    • Disciplines; If some will have different costs, the more expensive options should be grouped together and the text color coded to reflect that the selection is different.
    • Portraits; When designing a custom Mage, if you click on a Portrait below, you lose all the customer work and get a pre-built mage. A pop-up warning needs to be in place.
    • AI swarming with single-unit armies is annoying
    • Not enough gold for the first few turns
    • Move the edge scroll area further to the window border, because it overlaps partially with the selectable/tooltip area at the top right, and lower right corner of the GUI.
    • Needs more tools tips and maybe a link to a detailed description for each spell. Add tooltips for the spell circle icons. Water, fire maybe easy to identify but life, summoning etc. are harder until learned.
    • Some of the font sizes are a bit to small when playing on a larger screen. Of course it depends how far you sit way. (
    • MoM like input isn't intuitive
    • Some swamp tiles doesn't like swamp, more like grass? It should look organic and wet. Desert too. How about bright yellow with some stone here and there casting shadows?
    • Description for terrain features (Nightshade, Yrm Crystals, Healing Herbs), like when you do left click on a Teleportation Stone.
    • Let me check content of scouted Dungeons even when a unit is no longer next to it.
    • Sometimes I find the selection marker for the current active unit on the world map hard to see. For example when on a city hex and maybe a unit is standing right next to it. I have to stop and take a closer look to make sure I have selected the right unit.
    • Detailed income tooltips on main GUI (total income, outcome, similiar to city's)

    I would like if you could be consequent with it. Everything is done with a left click, right click only used for deselecting or closing windows.
    In case of cities on the world map. I have two suggestions
    Single left click on the city hex to select units stationed in the city, and double left click to open city screen. Or as an alternative.
    Display a miniature figure on the city hex if there are units present and single click to select the units. Single click anywhere else on the hex opens the city hex. If you intend to use miniature figures to display units in the cities, the figure should represent the strongest unit present.
    For dungeons, enemy cites remove the ability to attack with right click.
    Hovering mouse over a city name could show some basic info like, income and especially unrest. Similar to Civilization.

    I think this was already suggested, but just in case. Above or below the city name it should show current production and turn left to finish.
    When units go up levels, an easy way to see whats actually increased. Maybe in the "Advanced tab"(in the actual units roster), or highlighted numbers etc, in brackets next to stats

    • Left click to add, right click to subtract tiers on sorcerer lord creation as an alternative to dragging
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