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    Condensed list of suggestions

    Could you add a mouse exclusive mode when in fullscreen, for folks with two or more displays? WIthout mouse lock you may click outside the game and drop back to your desktop.

    Also a borderless window mode would be nice to have, it's look so much more pretty.

    • A way to see who's inside enemy army
    • Allow AI to finish battle
    • Buildings shouldn't be visible on the city screen until their construction is finished
    • It would be nice to assign movement commands to a unit after it's been in battle to save time. Right now, once a unit fights, I can't give it further commands.
    • It would be great if the menu, mini-map, and resource tracker bare in the upper right were all moveable like windows.
    • It would be nice if when I chose a unit to be produced in a city, that city would continue to produce those units until otherwise instructed.
    • Strategic view
    • Could there be a bar above the city, maybe where the rainbow colored thing is now, that shows the city's progress in building whatever it's building? For housing it could just turn purple and for trade goods maybe yellow?
    • Different camera angle
    • A way to cancel attack
    • Allow army movement by numpad (as it was in MoM)
    • Allow camera movement by WASD
    • Destroy own city


    • Show city's range on world map
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