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    *** 1409:1410M***

    • fixed bug when you can't select anything after picking (planar) cartographer
    • fixed a bug when enemies with poison attacks applied poison during AI calculations
    • added city range to worldmap
    • fixed negative discipline exploit
    • larger world feature info window
    • new save/load gui
    • fixes for save/load
    • more spell icons, abilities icons
    • more units
    • new minimap city icon
    • fixed ascetic discipline
    • fixed visual bug for blue moon event
    • added missing keys
    • fix for "some units will desert" window
    • sorting spells by tier on arena mode no longer crashes the game
    • fixed unnecessary "next page" buttons on combat spellbook
    • militia on city screen
    • UH/GE/D workers icons
    • lots of new icons for building queue
    • removed old orcs nad goblins
    • disabled item forge
    • manabar on arena will show only current mana instead of (current)/(max)
    • colored tooltips
    • new spell helper panel
    • added tooltips unique for unhallowed
    • updated power icons
    • added default names (instead of "Type your name here")
    • tweaks for lord generation
    • added draconian city for world map
    • added more building models for draconians and gray elves
    • fixed a bug when using "purchase" button for unhallowed caused division by zero, resulting in veeeery negative population growth
    • adjusted unit sizes
    • fixed descriptions for negative disciplines for lord presets
    • fixed tooltips for magic circles for lord presets
    • added tooltips for lord presets
    • fixed load crash
    • improved game loading speed

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    *** 1424M ***

    -[fixed] You can transmute 0 mana for 0 gold in alchemy-[fixed] Unit switcher above the minimap is not centered
    -[fixed] Blue moon didn't apply it's bonus to research from Sage discipline
    -[changed] Disabled forge
    -[fixed] Not working next page button on spellbook
    -[fixed] The game shouldn't crash from out of memory error while generating any more
    -[fixed] Default race on surveyor was always DRACONIANS
    -[fixed] Expanding "sort by lord" popup on enchantment list caused enexpected behaviour
    -[added] Tooltips for mirror panel
    -[fixed] Fixed many in-game texts
    -[fixed] Win/lose conditions
    -[fixed] Weird city-targeting spell issues
    -[fixed] Enchantment panel
    -[fixed] There was one additional militia unit during battle which wasn't shown on city screen
    -[fixed] Amount of turns remaining to finish research wasn't updating (visual only bug)
    -[fixed] Crash when opening abilities minipanel for some units
    -[fixed] Army selection and destination flag animations are no longer fps-dependent
    -[fixed] Number of opponents and world size drop down menus have wider colliders
    -[tweak] Adjusted surveyor panel depth
    -[tweak] Adjusted battle summary depth
    -[tweak] Map, history and forge buttons are grayed out and unclickable
    -[fixed] Owerwriting a file didn't update it's date
    -[fixed] Units were losing exp after loading
    -[fixed] Random obstacles will no longer generate during city siege
    -[fixed] Bless duration (was 0)
    -[fixed] AC modifying spells were not working

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    *** 1450M ***

    -[fixed] Bug with purchasing in city - if there were two items in the queue, the gold requirement was from the first building, but you paid the second building's cost.
    -[fixed] Null reference exception after dispelling unit enchantment after load
    -[fixed] ending one unit enchantment caused all other enchantments to be removed, leaving "empty" enchantment in enchantment panel
    -[fixed] enemy sorcerer lord's tower is now destroyed after taking over an enemy capital
    -[fixed] After locking one of the power spheres and reopening the window that sphere would still be locked but there would be a gem instead of lock.
    -[fixed] Having one army selected and clicking "armies still require your attention" resulted in having two green army selections active.
    -[fixed] Receiving units by diplomacy no longer crashes the game.
    -[fixed] Removing hp increasing effects can't lower target's hp below 1
    -[fixed] Fixed a bug with saving/loading enchanted weapons spells
    -[fixed] City's range color was not refreshing after conquering enemy city
    -[fixed] Killing last enemy unit with backstabbing no longer freezes the game
    -[fixed] Paying mana upkeep for summoned units
    -[fixed] Famine wasn't working
    -[fixed] Drake rider had 90% for critical hit with 20x damage multiplier
    -[fixed] High men temple now correctly gives power
    -[fixed] Fixes for tooltips for some buildings
    -[fixed] Null reference when building a road (and possibly during other actions)
    -[fixed] Power now splits correctly under all circumstances
    -[fixed] World feature's level is not changed after load
    -[fixed] Healing familiar
    -[fixed] road loading fix
    -[fixed] Spell tooltips on unit panel were disabled.
    -[fixed] Chaos channels.
    -[fixed] Rivers are giving their bonuses correctly
    -[fixed] When a city was placed on a corrupted area near water, city screen was not corrupted
    -[fixed] Militia on city screen no longer overlays other info
    -[fixed] Purchase button is cleared after purchasing if there is nothing else in the queue
    -[tweaked] Added other races for neutral factions
    -[tweaked] Reduced size of units on world map
    -[tweaked] small adjustments to pathfinding - MIGHT solve some of the current problems
    -[tweaked] "Heal" army action is more responsive
    -[tweaked] Markers under building are now only visible once a building has been built, their color depends on race
    -[tweaked] Estimated damage now depends on the number of figures
    -[tweaked] Fast movement option will now also increase view range
    -[tweaked] Werewolf resistance reduced
    -[tweaked] Building production times reduced
    -[changed] Disabled escape (temporary)
    -[added] Backward compatibility with saves (use at your own risk)
    -[added] Notification when a new worker is available in city
    -[added] Notification after obtaining new spellcraft level
    -[added] Added a group of abilities that use charges instead of mana for abilities gained from spells
    -[upgrade] refreshed cities list

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    Aug 2013
    *** 1454:1455 ***

    -[fixed] freeze after units movement on battle board
    -[fixed] "new worker" notifications on all cities
    -[fixed] Save/load crash
    -[added] "T" to end turn on battleboard

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    Aug 2013
    *** 1473 ***

    -[fixed] freeze after ending turn in loaded game

    -[fixed] ocean population fix
    -[fixed] bad research turn counter refreshing
    -[fixed] nonexistent researched spell name on researched spell notification tooltip
    -[fixed] default idle animations for HM engineers
    -[fixed] fire battle board lava null reference
    -[added] clear city build queue when city owner is changed
    -[added] F1 to toggle surveyor

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    *** 1508M ***

    -[fixed] Taking over a city with an active enchantment after load would crash the game

    -[fixed] Tooltips no longer leave the screen
    -[fixed] Wrong hp after load
    -[fixed] Lost cities would still be shown on cities list
    -[fixed] Invisible scroll bar on cities list
    -[fixed] Ending turn before summoning spell finished casting resulted in the summon being under enemy control
    -[fixed] Walking bomb detonated during enemy turn would cause a freeze and infinite footsteps sound
    -[fixed] Corruption is correctly saved/load
    -[fixed] Max hp calculations after level up
    -[fixed] Empty unit name on desertion notification
    -[fixed] Bug after ranged attacks
    -[fixed] Foresters' Guild tooltip
    -[fixed] "Change me" while overwriting save
    -[fixed] Null reference on fire arena
    -[fixed] Dodge animation would play twice
    -[fixed] Turn notification on battle map - showing player's name instead of "PLAYER'S TURN"
    -[fixed] Unknown AI enemies are displayed as "unknown" on turn notifications
    -[fixed] MISSINGSAVES on main menu load panel when no save file was found
    -[fixed] Non-flying units cannot backstab flying units
    -[fixed] Level issues after load
    -[fixed] Wrong distance penalty during battles inside wolrd features
    -[fixed] Selecting a unit causes the city range, rivers and fog of war to overlay the terrain
    -[fixed] Fishery tooltip
    -[fixed] Gray mage and phantom lancer description
    -[fixed] Acid Arrow and other damage over time effects
    -[fixed] Dead units would not show in battle summary after auto battle if the result was a draw

    -[changed] Units no longer "disappear" when standing on world feature
    -[changed] "Back" button to X on save panel

    -[tweaked] Random starting race by default
    -[tweaked] Unit tweaking
    -[tweaked] Increased scrollwheel sensitivity on cities list
    -[tweaked] Fewer, bigger neutral armies
    -[tweaked] Increased performance of map scrolling

    -[added] New attack/defense panel on unit panel
    -[added/changed] New fog of war
    -[added] Racial unrest
    -[added] New resource models (healing herbs, coal, iron, gold, silver, darkwood)
    -[added] An option to continue after winning
    -[added] All cities have a road under them by default
    -[added] Left-click on "unit recruited" notification to select it

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    *** 1568M ***

    -[fixed] Adjusted frame on applied spell tooltip

    -[fixed] It's no longer possible to cast an ability on a target that is already under the effect of such ability or spell
    -[fixed] Cursor will change while casting an active ability to show whether the target is legal or not
    -[fixed] Active abilities duration
    -[fixed] Active abilities summons
    -[fixed] Active abilities aoe
    -[fixed] Backlash could be cast on non-summons, which would freeze the game
    -[fixed] Keen Edge
    -[fixed] Active auras would not show on a unit that has any other perk (visual only)
    -[fixed] Sometimes nothing would happen after casting an enchantment - it was not visible on unit, but visible on enchantments panel
    -[fixed] All max hp increasing spells will now add both current and maximum hp
    -[fixed] Performance improvement if there was a visible enemy city with an army inside
    -[fixed] Bonuses from enchanted weapons didn't calculate immunity/resistance/vulnerability
    -[fixed] Bonuses from enchanted weapons were different every time the tab was opened
    -[fixed] Units killed by false life (or that having a hp increasing spell on them) froze the game by being half dead.
    -[fixed] Corruption is not saved on shadow plane - after loading all explored tiles are uncorrupted
    -[fixed] Infinite charges for Healer's Familiar (and other charge-based abilities)
    -[fixed] Remaining turn counter for spellcasting on world map magic panel was wrong
    -[fixed] Fixed infinite footsteps after backstabbing.
    -[fixed] Advanced tooltips on city production would not work if there was an active event altering said production.
    -[fixed] Healing effects restored figures in a wrong way
    -[fixed] No more "empty" rewards from world features
    -[fixed] Hypnotic Flame freeze
    -[fixed] Removing of unit enchantments due to desertion after load
    -[fixed] It's no longer possible to cast duplicate spells on units and cities on the world map
    -[fixed] Neutral armies can no longer just enter player's city
    -[fixed] Wrong amount of figures after load
    -[fixed] bonus damage spells not working on world map
    -[fixed] Restored tooltips on built buildings
    -[fixed] Sometimes gold/mana frame and icon on alchemy panel were misplaced
    -[fixed] Lost tribe crash
    -[fixed] Can't attack if there's an army standing on a world feature
    -[fixed] Roads not giving their bonuses properly
    -[fixed] Pathfinding freeze fix after new turn (more than one plane)
    -[fixed] Free ability use exploit
    -[fixed] Stuck research spell description
    -[fixed] Boneyard height

    -[adjusted] Exp values
    -[adjusted] Units balancing
    -[adjusted] GUI adjustments
    -[adjusted] new geyser
    -[adjusted] Feature info panel

    -[added] Mithril and orichalcum model
    -[added] Remaining turns to next spellcraft level on tooltip
    -[added] Crossed wand to show illegal spell target on world map
    -[added] Advanced spell info on research panel
    -[added] Manual deploy
    -[added] Starting distance between units on battle map now depends on the total amount of participants
    -[added] Combat log (wip)
    -[added] An option to finish the battle as auto battle
    -[added] Before battle window with army strength comparison
    -[added] An option to cancel attack
    -[added] More combat log
    -[added] Units flee (Auto battle)

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    Aug 2013

    [fixed] Disappearing spells after canceling an enchantment/loading
    [fixed] After battle damage resistance would show 0 (instead of disappearing completely)
    [fixed] Sometimes damage resistances from spells wouldn't work
    [fixed] It's now possible to close abilities spellbook
    [fixed] Instant-cast-on-selff abilities
    [fixed] Descriptions of damage multiplier effects
    [fixed] Some buff spells would show opposite value
    [fixed] Huge hp increase after level up
    [fixed] Crash on load on gateway
    [fixed] Crash during battle on the edge of the world
    [fixed] Insane spell damage
    [fixed] Unable to cast army-targeting spells
    [fixed] Wrong building names on cities list and post-battle summary
    [fixed] Infusion slider/cost not restoring after infusing
    [fixed] Save/load crash (rare)
    [fixed] Crash on multiple backstabs when the target died
    [fixed] Abilities spellbook for charge-based abilities
    [fixed] Heroes mana fix
    [fixed] Abilities exploit
    [fixed] Fire drakes seem to freeze combat

    [tweaked] Battle summary adjustments

    [added] Att/def panel for tavern
    [added] Mentor discipline (start with hero)
    [added] More item abilities
    [added] More unit abilities
    [added] Premade items
    [added] Heroes can be equiped with premade (starting) items from xml
    [added] Ammunition
    [added] Abilities to allow attacking flying units (Reach Weapons, Long Range)
    [added] Sir Kaylen's icon
    [added] Default icon for units without one
    [added] Sneak ability
    [added] Strategic view (very WIP)

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    -[fixed] Random crash
    -[fixed] Premade armors values
    -[fixed] Premade items load
    -[fixed] Ranged unit not being able to hit flying units
    -[fixed] Quicksilver on world map
    -[fixed] Mind Wrack duration
    -[fixed] Removed unused duration info from Charm
    -[fixed] Fully healed armies would not be marked as ready to move
    -[fixed] Non flyers can't counter flyers
    -[fixed] Winds of Cowardice hp issues
    -[fixed] Ignored upkeep cost of summons
    -[fixed] Some stats not refreshing immediately when un-equipping an item
    -[fixed] Current enhancement is now correctly cleared when closing forge window
    -[fixed] Units with damage immunity still received damage, even if combat log said the unit is immune
    -[fixed] Aid was damaging units when removed.
    -[fixed] Rare save crash
    -[fixed] Interactions with multiple active abilities on one unit
    -[fixed] Missing cloak icon
    -[fixed] Wrong building names on summary after conquering enemy city
    -[fixed] Units with Summoned Creature ability were kind of immortal.
    -[fixed] Weird item combinations (like two two-handed weapons, two-handed weapon and a bow etc)
    -[fixed] Weird evasion & improved evasion interactions with healing
    -[fixed] Earthquake no longer hits flying units
    -[fixed] Persistent combat enchantments
    -[fixed] It's no longer possible for one sorcerer lord to control two instances of one combat enchantment
    -[fixed] Only up to 6 abilities/perks/spells were visible at once on the skills tab
    -[fixed] Closing armies roster with heroes tab active and then opening it resulted in armies visible on heroes tab
    -[fixed] Spellcasting on walls
    -[fixed] Wall's name in combat log
    -[fixed] Rare crash after conquering a city resulting in freeze
    -[fixed/added] New event restriction – Available Heroes - to prevent Hero's Aid from occurring if there are no free heroes available
    -[fixed] Loading no longer resets available heroes
    -[fixed] Some spells were missing "-" in their descriptions
    -[fixed] Missing pegasus rider icon
    -[fixed] Spells to research will reload after receiving a spell circle as a reward
    -[fixed] Rare world generation crash
    -[fixed(?)] Saves with empty armies will now load correctly, skipping such armies

    -[added] Few new spells
    -[added] "Can't hit flying units" message to combat log
    -[added] Additional source of ammo for crafted ranged weapons
    -[added] Scrollbar for item abilities
    -[added] Yrm crystals, gems models
    -[added] Remaining turn counters for road/corruption/purification/siphon
    -[added] Information whether chosen item can be equipped by any of player's heroes on forge (before creating it)
    -[added] Current movement points of selected army are visible on army info panel
    -[added] Background image for turn change notification
    -[added] More Orcish buildings

    -[changed] Items that can't be equipped by chosen hero will now be shown in a red frame (instead of not showing at all)
    -[changed] Item sorting to be more intuitive
    -[changed] Defenses will be hidden of selected unit doesn't have any
    -[changed] Chain Lightning now only affects enemies
    -[changed] Army info panel (top left on world map) + splitting changes
    -[changed] Adjusted rewards from world features
    -[changed] Updated strategic view (still WIP)
    -[changed] Main menu adjustments

    Performance improvements - greatly decreased game loading time, removed (some) performance spikes

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