***2369 beta branch ***

[fixed] AI crash
[fixed] Random items generator
[fixed] Issues when using Healer's Familiar with Unhallowed
[fixed] Invisibility rework. All your invisible units are marked with a special tile.
If you have at least one unit that can see invisible, enemy invisible units will be marked with a special tile. Only units that can see invisible can attack invisible units.
[fixed] Wrong building requirements for Huecuva (wrong tooltip on buildings)
[fixed] Crash when trying to take/destroy enemy AI city
[fixed] Disabled "Select a new skill" label on odd hero level ups
[fixed] Magic crash
[fixed/tweaked] AI diplomacy
[fixed] Some instant spells were visible as enchantments
[fixed] Some enemy-only spells could target friendly units
[fixed] Settings will no longer reset on each new build
[fixed] Global events were not working on new cities
[fixed] Siphons no longer generate a notification after load
[fixed] Fake virus alert
[fixed] Division by zero crash
[fixed] Crash when removing unit from city queue
[fixed] Great Library after load was not working
[fixed] Rare crash when receiving a spell reward when having no spell circles
[fixed] Rift could move you to a random place on the same plane instead of always choosing another plane
[fixed] Domain of Storms crash after load

[added] Spellcasting for autocombat
[added] Items as possible loot from world features
[added] Enemy spellcaster will now cast spells
[added] Race-dependent city terrain
[added] Extended info button for unit abilities
[added] Turn counters for Ancient Ruin and Volcanic Ruin
[added] Clipping for constructed buildings panel on city screen
[added] Upkeep info for constructed buildings panel
[added] Customizable dc bonus
[added] DC bonus as a new infusion effect
[added] Outline for units on world map

[changed] Heroes now regain 20% of their maximum mana each turn instead of full refillment after each combat

[tweaked] Details for prime material plane
[tweaked] Event balancing (fame will now affect Hero's Aid, tweaked durations, chances, conditions)
[tweaked] ExtraMana ability, item tooltips
[tweaked] Refreshed Shadow plane textures
[tweaked] Revised research costs for spells