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Thread: Changelog

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    Aug 2013
    *** 1775:1776 ***

    [fixed] Unit upkeep not showing

    [fixed] Unhallowed weren't receiving any bonus from tiles
    [fixed] Corrupted saves when AI with a hero under it's control lost
    [fixed] Sorcerer and Wizard class heroes not being able to equip rings
    [fixed] Crashes on Mac/Linux
    [fixed] "To hit" label not updating on ranged magical attacks
    [fixed] Crash on Lost Tribe
    [maybe fixed?] Crashes on Windows
    [maybe fixed?] Occasional crashes on backstabbing

    [changed] Increaed the size of diciplines' font during game creation
    [changed[ Black end of the world is less invasive [changed] Witches hut and circus particles [added] Battling on a tile with node now: decreases mana cost (-25%), increases DC (+3) of spells with matching Circle, non matching spells have (100 - spellcraft/10)% chance to fail [added] Fertile soil model [added] Two new sorcerer templates [added] More orcs [added] Fog for main menu Performance im
    [changed] Witches hut and circus particles

    [added] Battling on a tile with node now: decreases mana cost (-25%), increases DC (+3) of spells with matching Circle, non matching spells have (100 - spellcraft/10)% chance to fail
    [added] Fertile soil model
    [added] Two new sorcerer templates
    [added] More orcs
    [added] Fog for main menu

    Performance improvements

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    Aug 2013
    *** 1831:1832 ***

    [fixed] Close description button on spellbook collider is misplaced
    [fixed] Religious building were giving 50% more power than they should
    [fixed] Opening equipment panel during battle resulted in a crash
    [fixed] Random resource issue
    [fixed] High Men and Draconian Marketplace was giving an additional 0.5 gold income
    [fixed] Unrest was not refreshed immediately when purchasing an unrest-reducing building on the city screen
    [fixed] Watchtower no longer increases view range before the fight
    [fixed] Rounding issues with unrest and rebels count
    [fixed] Deers are no longer extinct.
    [fixed] Work progress persisting after switching planes
    [fixed] Oracle was not always revealing minimap
    [fixed] Some wrong building tooltips
    [fixed] More random rewards from features
    [fixed] Efreet on fire battle map
    [fixed] Wellspring of Life was affecting all cities instead of only one
    [fixed] Rocks weren't treated as obstacles on the battlemap
    [fixed] Damaging spells were infused forever after paying the infusion cost just once
    [fixed] Undead units were damaged by negative energy
    [fixed] Auras not working
    [fixed] "Change me" on skills tab during combat
    [fixed] Scouting spell
    [fixed] Teleport spell
    [fixed] Surveyor was showing wrong food bonus
    [fixed] Cursing Touch was buffing instead of reducing stats
    [fixed] Infinite camera scroll
    [fixed] Minimap with Omniscient was black
    [fixed] Bandit Camp, Lost Caravan and Forgotten Camp particles
    [fixed] Disappearing siphons after load
    [fixed] Removed STR bonus from ranged attacks
    [fixed] Research book loses most of it's contents when there is less than 4 spells available
    [fixed] Corrupting forests on fire plane
    [fixed] Wrong icons on forge subtype dropdown
    [fixed] Purify tile not working
    [fixed] Performance regression after loading the game

    [changed] Heroes: Removed additional attacks. Added progression system and lots of new abilities. Added tiered abilities. Heroes now have access to all spells.

    [added] Spell indicator for army info (WIP)

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    Aug 2013
    *** 1869:1871 ***

    [fixed] Save/load after recruiting a hero from tavern resulted in a crash

    [fixed] Random item name will be now generated after changing item type, subtype or by creating an item
    [fixed] Removed "not enough points" fact from already picked disciplines
    [fixed] Mystic tooltip (it's 0.1 per citizen, not 10)
    [fixed] Sorcerers and wizards couldn't equip cloaks nor helmets
    [fixed] Depth issues when unequpping some items
    [fixed] (-) on Hall of Hunters tooltip
    [fixed] City not spawning immediately after restoring Volcanic Ruins
    [fixed] Units killed by backstabbing were treated as two kills on battle summary and during experience calculations
    [fixed] AI will use all it's attacks instead of only one during combat
    [fixed] Inconsistencies in finding new tile for city - checking if there's already a city in range wa missing one row and one column of tiles
    [fixed] Spell distance penalty cross-plane was not working
    [fixed] Issues with target restrictions for batttleboard-wide spells
    [fixed] Shrine tooltip for Uhnallowed

    [added] You can cancel casting a spell on worldmap by clicking on it again in spellbook
    [added] Summoned unit's mana upkeep cost for summoning spell description
    [added] "New worker" notification for Lost Tribe
    [added] Gaze/thrown/poison/bleeding/spell resistance for att/def panel
    [added] Notification that you can't afford to maintain all your enchantments
    [added] Double click to load/save
    [added] Tar model
    [added] Mummies
    [added] Some new spells

    [changed] AI controlled ranged units in contact with enemy will no longer run, resulting in backstabbing

    [tweaked] Description of Tendrils of Despair
    [tweaked] If a resource is generated on a mountain, resource icon will point to the top of the mountain instead of it's base
    [tweaked] Arena GUI adjustments
    [tweaked] Save panel name input
    [tweaked] Strategic map

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    Aug 2013
    *** 1944 : 1945 ***
    (uploading now)

    Warning - Saves on Linux do not work. Possibly the same with Mac - we're investigating this

    [fixed] Performance regression
    [fixed] No hero from mentor
    [fixed] Healer's Familiar crash
    [fixed] Berserk-type spells were working only once
    [fixed] "Not enough mana for enchantments" window popping out even if there is enough mana
    [fixed] Negative/positive enrgy damage calculations
    [fixed] Catapult was missing Construct ability
    [fixed] Ranged unit's last ranged attack (depletting ammo) was treated as melee
    [fixed] Spell distance penalty calculation issues with world wrapping
    [fixed] Bunch of AI crashes
    [fixed] Pathfinding on world seam
    [fixed] Population growth for Unhallowed
    [fixed] You could build a siphon without defeating it's guardians
    [fixed] It wasn't possible to change planes by using gateway/node if there was enemy army on the other side
    [fixed] Heroes were unable to cast a spell after it's controller cast a spell
    [fixed] Recruiting a settler didn't reduce it's city's population
    [fixed] Selecting some units on arena modem returning to main menu and then opening arena again resulted in those units being picked but invisible
    [fixed] Reduced mummies' size
    [fixed] AI controlled heroes gained from Hero's Aid event weren't doing anything
    [fixed] Height adjustments for army/detail/feature after (un)corrupting a mountain
    [fixed] Tooltips will always close when closing a window
    [fixed] Ranged units could hit flying units in melee by default
    [fixed] Starting with cartographer resulted in completely black minimap
    [fixed] Missing city icons on minimap after load
    [fixed] City icon not showing on minimap after creating new city
    [fixed] "Not enough movement points" while interacting with oracle
    [fixed] AI spellcasting on arena mode
    [fixed] Rare crash when clicking on "unit recruited" notification
    [fixed] Invisible disciplnes could be selected during sorcerer lord creation
    [fixed] Crash in manual combat if a unit was damaged in auto combat just before

    [tweaked] Draconian buildings on city screen
    [tweaked] Positive disciplines now have plain cost near name, negative disciplines have "+" and cost
    [tweaked] GUI adjustments

    [changed] Icon for experience reward from world features
    [changed] Moved opening strategic map from mouse scroll to "M"
    [changed] Changing camera ("V") also rotates strategic map

    [added] More spells
    [added] Void Channels model
    [added] Custom tile values for each race
    [added] Orcs for surveyor
    [added] Ogre Mage, Zombie, Earth Elemental, Air Elemental
    [added] Instant casting and crafting
    [added] More spellcasting possibilities for AI on world and combat map

    [performance] Opening/closing city screen is faster
    [performance] Map generation improvements
    [performance] Shorter initial loading time

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    Aug 2013
    *** 2026:2027***

    [fixed] Casting a spell with unit will now correctly refresh selected unit minipanel

    [fixed] Movement points multiplier effects (such as Arctic Chill) will leave one movement point instead of completely freezing the target
    [fixed] Casting a spell with unit resulted in being unable to cast a spell as a lord.
    [fixed] It's no longer possible to use strategic ability while moving
    [fixed] Rare AI crash
    [fixed] Conquering a city was not refreshing global enchantments
    [fixed] Casting spells by units was not reseting their movement points
    [fixed] Sometimes minimap would show air plane instead of target plane while changing planes
    [fixed] Units that can't gain any level would still have their experience progress bars and "leveled up" labels.
    [fixed] Wild game was not grayed out when explored bot not visible
    [fixed] "Everything disappeared" bug
    [fixed] "Freeze when entering city" bug
    [fixed] Army movement path and selection marker was not visible on air (for flying units)
    [fixed] You no longer get rewards from features if you run or lose
    [fixed] Bad Moon event was not working
    [fixed] Wrack not working in arena mode
    [fixed] Rare crash with AI spellcasting
    [fixed] Null reference when closing spell description on arena
    [fixed] Rare bug that caused units that switched control on arena to return to their owner after a battle on world map
    [fixed] Missing reward values on battle summary panel
    [fixed] Recruiting units in a city ignored the 16 units in army limit
    [fixed] Loading the game allowed units to surpass maximum level limit
    [fixed] Missing level hard cap (20)
    [fixed] Heroes could lose their level up abilities and spells after loading
    [fixed] Raise Zombies summoned Mummies
    [fixed] Change planes button was not working
    [fixed] Input crash when using an active ability
    [fixed] Single-target city spells were being cloned after conquering a city

    [added] Player will be notified if another player/AI triggered a global event
    [added] Fishes model
    [added] Etherium model
    [added] Emberslag model
    [added] Nightshade model
    [added] Features interactions now fire automatically after battle
    [added] Features interaction will now wait till the summary window is closed
    [added] Fame - gain from winning battles, conquering cities, lose for losing battles, losing cities, razing cities
    [added] Only heroes that fulfill required fame conditions will appear in Hero's Aid event. Hiring a hero that requires more fame than you have from Inn results in increased price
    [added] Sorcerer lord can have up to 6 heroes
    [added] Surveyor and tile info on strategic map
    [added] If you hover over an army that has at least one unit that can be targeted by current spell the cursor will not be crossed
    [added] More events

    [tweaked] AI will not cast more spells than it can manage
    [tweaked] Prime/air/shadow plane no longer consists of only swamps, forests, and deserts
    [tweaked] Refreshed Feature Info panel
    [tweaked] Battle summary panel
    [tweaked] Hero hire cost
    [tweaked] You will only get tier 0 heroes from Mentor
    [tweaked] Cursors
    [tweaked] GUI responsiveness
    [tweaked] Combat mouse input
    [tweaked] Reduced memory usage by ~350MB

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    Aug 2013
    *** 2072:2074 ***

    -[fixed] Large icons on enchantments panel

    -[fixed] AI units with reach weapons were not attacking flying enemies
    -[fixed] Some spells could do 0 dmg
    -[fixed] AI was ignoring immunities to spell affecting spells
    -[fixed] Null referene after combat in Library
    -[fixed] Crash when destroying a city with active events
    -[fixed] Rare crash when saving with some active global events
    -[fixed] Crash caused by Walking Bomb
    -[fixed] Ordering the army to heal did not always clear "army still needs attention" message
    -[fixed] Feature model disappearing from feature info panel after combat
    -[fixed] Particles on Lost Caravan
    -[fixed] Crash after fighting in a world feature after leaving arena
    -[fixed] Damage could be negative
    -[fixed] Black Prayer spell
    -[fixed] Simulacrum spell on arena
    -[fixed] Defeating a sorcerer lord and then defeating one of it's remaining armies resulted in an unclickable army
    -[fixed] Gold upkeep issues
    -[fixed] AI was casting spells on illegal targets
    -[fixed] No champions ever
    -[fixed] Cities evaluation of starting zones
    -[fixed] Tooltip for Unhallowed Temple and Parthenon

    -[added] Additional info for unique rewards on feature info panel
    -[added] More icons
    -[added] Oysters model
    -[added] Info about resources in cit screen's perk panel
    -[added] Customizable input
    -[added] Resources tooltips
    -[added] Resources info panel
    -[added] Basic arcane spells
    -[added] More spells
    -[added] More information about spells during sorcerer lord creation

    -[tweaked] Several buildings
    -[tweaked] Small adjustments to combat ai spellcasting
    -[tweaked] Generic info window
    -[tweaked] "You still have sorcerer points or spells to choose" message tweaked to be more clear + circles will glow when not all spells are selected
    -[tweaked] AI combat spellcasting

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    Aug 2013

    Among other changes you can find:
    - Play as a completely new race: Dwarves, sturdy, productive and ponderous
    - Explore a new unique plane: Earth, resource-rich, desolate wasteland
    - Battle for the Worlds of Magic with your friends in the new Hot Seat mode
    - Summon five new roaming creatures, from invisible Air Elementals to poisonous Nagas
    - Customize your heroes with a revamped and balanced hero system
    - Dominate the seas with newly implemented ships
    - Cast over fifty new unique spells, from conjuring magical city guardians to turning your whole army invisible
    - Acquaint yourself with a completely new magic circle: Arcane, with spells available to all players, allowing to summon mighty heroes and return from banishment

    Other major improvements include:
    - a lot of new graphic assets, including icons, resources, and features - still a lot more to come!
    - new resource and feature overview windows for easier access to information
    - customizable input
    - several new disciplines for Sorcerer Lords, including powerful circle masteries
    - major stability overhaul, several hundred bugfixes and performance improvements
    - reduced memory usage makes the game more smooth on lower-end computers and improved 32-bit compatibility
    - custom tile bonus values for each race further differentiate existing factions
    - improved terrain generation makes swamps and hills easily recognizable
    - improvements to both strategic and tactical AI
    - 30 STEAM achievements
    - 10 STEAM trading cards

    [fixed] Draconian Temple power income
    [fixed] Extended spell description not always closing
    [fixed] AI losing capital to a player resulted in AI losing immediately instead of being banished
    [fixed] Banished status was not being saved
    [fixed] "9999" on cities panel when producing housing or trade goods
    [fixed] Population growth on cities panel was not rounded (+40.00000001 etc)
    [fixed] Cities list will no longer "jump" when there is only one city
    [fixed] Weird text behaviour on feature info panel
    [fixed] Acive enchantments scrolling and removing
    [fixed] Food income was shown as "0" even if it was negative
    [fixed] Before battle panel was showing empty icons instead of default icons
    [fixed] Sometimes level values were invisible on battle summary panel
    [fixed] "You can't afford all enchantments" message was triggered too often
    [fixed] Depth issues with alchemy tutorial
    [fixed] Negative fame after winning a battle when attacked by AI (visual only)
    [fixed] Spell circle reward on feature info panel was not localized
    [fixed] Trying to cast a spell when out of mana resulted in remaining spellcraft for that turn to be set to 0
    [fixed] Champions had zero AC
    [fixed] Nature's Bounty was not working
    [fixed] Crash when unit under the effect of Hast/Alacrity died
    [fixed] Enchanter was reducing research cost of all spells
    [fixed] Attacking empty cities with RTS input
    [fixed] Call Lightning on arena
    [fixed[ Evil Omens [fixed] Cursor stuck as default during combat [added] Units that retreated will be now marked on battle summary [added] Notification when a spell is removed [added] Clicking on "info" button will close extended spell description [added] Circle Masteries (15% casting/researching cost discount, +1 DC, additional starting spell pick) [added] Hot Seat mode [added] Dwarves [added] More spell icons [added] Current population and population growth for city hud [added] "Out of reach" instead of "Miss" when attacking a flying unit without reach weapons in melee [added] Ships [added] Animations for oysters, whales, fishes [added] Unrest in city is reduuced by 10% for each two units stationied in it [tweaked] Refreshed Prime plane
    [fixed] Cursor stuck as default during combat

    [added] Units that retreated will be now marked on battle summary
    [added] Notification when a spell is removed
    [added] Clicking on "info" button will close extended spell description
    [added] Circle Masteries (15% casting/researching cost discount, +1 DC, additional starting spell pick)
    [added] Hot Seat mode
    [added] Dwarves
    [added] More spell icons
    [added] Current population and population growth for city hud
    [added] "Out of reach" instead of "Miss" when attacking a flying unit without reach weapons in melee
    [added] Ships
    [added] Animations for oysters, whales, fishes
    [added] Unrest in city is reduuced by 10% for each two units stationied in it

    [tweaked] Refreshed Prime plane terrain

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    Aug 2013
    *** 2241 ***

    Most probably save games from your previous games won't work.

    -[fixed] Cities of Gold spell was not working on cities created after casting it.
    -[fixed] Rare crash when loading
    -[fixed] Freeze when a city has less than 900 citizens
    -[fixed] Unable to build a node
    -[fixed] Crash during neutrals turn
    -[fixed] Invisible notifications
    -[fixed] Unhallowed Palisade in building queue
    -[fixed] Income will not change between turns
    -[fixed] AI crash
    -[fixed] Armies with more than 16 units
    -[fixed] Fame is no longer shown as a reward from empty world features
    -[fixed] Some diplomacy crashes
    -[fixed] Wrong name when AI offered you a city
    -[fixed] It's no longer possible to capture unhallowed cities when not playing as unhallowed
    -[fixed] Wizard's Roulette is no longer shown on enchantments panel
    -[fixed] Drake's flame in wrong place
    -[fixed] Enemy units that escaped are no longer shown as yours
    -[fixed] Units on battle summary were invisible (usually after a small fight after a bigger one)
    -[fixed] No ships for races other than high men
    -[fixed] Language settings reset to English by default
    -[fixed] Sometimes damage popups during combat had wrong values
    -[fixed] Some spells were ignoring spell resolution results
    -[fixed] Randomly selected enemy units on arena did not stack correctly
    -[fixed] Ascetic
    -[fixed] Invisible Wild Game on resource info panel
    -[fixed] Additional AC against projectiles was not shown in combat log
    -[fixed] Unit_300 name
    -[fixed] Acrobat and Bleeding Attack descriptions
    -[fixed] Description for Unhallowed Parthenon
    -[fixed] Description for Draconian Fighters' Guild, Shrine, Hall of Hunters
    -[fixed] Auto combat no longer ignores resistances, immunities and vulnerabilities
    -[fixed] Most summons were treated as harmless units for calculating chance for AI to retreat from combat
    -[fixed] Null reference on hot seat lord creation
    -[fixed] AI escape algorithms for manual combat

    -[tweaked] Resource icons placement on high terrain

    -[added] New Cave and Howling Mine models
    -[added] Constructed buildings panel for city screen

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    Aug 2013
    *** 2302 *** (beta branch)

    [fixed] Change view hotkey disabled when naming save

    [fixed] Rare crash on battle start
    [fixed] Previous/next hero buttons were not working on equipment panel
    [fixed] Population growth on city HUD was not rounded
    [fixed] Golden Age not affecting new/captured cities
    [fixed] Tooltip for Great Infusion
    [fixed] Crit range for items not showing in forge
    [fixed] Gold rounding on city raze results
    [fixed] Cold Pulse (and all spells that target an army)
    [fixed] Added additional minipanel refresh after spellcasting
    [fixed] Hero summoning spells will fail if the caster already has 6 heroes
    [fixed] Returning to world map now resets cursor to default
    [fixed] "Done" button was not working on equipment panel
    [fixed] Oracle for High Men and Gray Elves had wrong description
    [fixed] Added models for world feature preview panel
    [fixed?] Giant Farmers' Market
    [fixed] Lunar Eclipse wasn't treated as a global event
    [fixed] Global Events were not restored after finishing
    [fixed] Dismissing and desertion will return heroes to the available heroes pool
    [fixed] It was possible that city enchantments were not completely dispeled after conquering
    a city
    [fixed] Issues with building a city on ancient ruin
    [fixed] Issues with adjusting tax rate when cities list was not in it's starting position

    [added] Items for purchase in Inns
    [added] Simple global events tab
    [added] Buildings under construction for UH, DR, DW, GE, OR
    [added] Necromancer's Tower world feature
    [added] More spell icons

    [tweaked] Equipment panel icons

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    Aug 2013
    *** 2305:2306 ***
    (default branch)

    Same as above
    + fixed issues with saves

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