So I have not really been apart of these forums all that much, and I feel really kind of bad since they have been super active (I at least know that much) all the way through this process.

However, this will probably change since I now have the game installed and have been playing it quite a bit, so I want to get my impression out of the way in the order in which I ran in to things in the game starting with:

(please note, these are my OPINIONS. I am not saying any of the changes I mention absolutely need to happen. I know some people can be a bit fussy about that)

Sorcerer creation!

This is a lot of fun. Honestly. The amount of things you can do here is pretty awesome, and I imagine that it will only expand, so seriously, great job here.

A couple things of note however. The print text for the advantage/disadvantage menu is pretty small. I bet it could stand to be a little bigger, but that is just me.

Another thing are the tiered advantages. I mean, cartographer to omniscient. I feel that they could potentially be placed in such a way as to be more obvious that they are purchased in such a way. That is very minor though.

Moving on to:

Right out of the gate!

So, the hint menus are cool and all, but it feels a little tedious. This might just be because the game is pretty laggy right now. It might not be so bad when I can set the graphics down a tid bit. There do seem to be a lot of hint menus though, and I feel that instead there should be a tutorial, which I imagine you will be doing, so I'm not very worried about that.

However, with some of the windows (the magic power window comes to mind) you could have a little help button that will bring an instructional overlay that explains what you are looking at quickly.

The hints also didn't explain everything to me either, like all of the different things I was looking at on the screen, or how to really do what I was doing. By the time I realized that I was in over my head without proper instructions, my units were already deserting me due to lack of money. This leads me to my next point being...

The City!

It took me a long time to find anything! I don't know if it was me or not, but I feel that the hire units button and the build buildings button my help if there were actual labels. I found them though, so I am not like to lose them ever again.

I had to go to the wiki when I hit this screen because I wasn't sure how I was supposed to make any money. The wiki was only a little bit helpful, but it at least gave me some idea of what to do. I started turning my production in to money and things turned out alright, but I think all of the things you can build should have an icon in the building menu (similar to civ 5 if you know what I'm talking about) so that these items can be identified at a glance.

The wiki also mentioned something about raising taxes, yet I didn't see a toggle for this anywhere! I looked at all of the screens, but I'm either totally blind (I'm totally blind btw) or it's really hard to see! Or that feature has been taken out, and I'm blabbering for nothing lol.

Anyways, I managed to work my way through that, and soon I was churning out units and buildings.

The next thing is:

Everything else I need to mention!

So, things were going fine and I had my machine going. I build myself a second city, and then I ran in to a problem. There were so many gosh darn roaming units! Goblins and goblins and druids oh my!

So, I had a lot of units, and they are cool. The goblins are very goblin flavored, so that is all cool. I might have to start using the auto-resolve for battles on them though.

The odd thing about the goblins I have run in to is that they move around in units of one. So I have to fight one measly unit of goblins at a time, while another 5 units are wandering around the world map. I could split my armies up, but then there are the druids.

I don't have much problem with the goblins, they are meant to be a nuisance, and they are doing their jobs very well lol. The problem I have is with the druids. Like the goblins, they also spawn in large numbers (I don't know if this is due to location). Unlike goblins however, they don't die to a fly swatter. Quite the contrary, despite the unit stats I see on them when I fight them, they tend to do quite a bit of damage to my poor human spearman.

They come at me in units of 3 or 4 and although they haven't wiped me out yet, they do enough damage that I have to sit around my cities completely fortified in order to weather their frequent attacks. I haven't been able to explore the map at all because I'm fending off armies of druids.

However, I'm still learning the strategies of the game. Who knows, maybe I just need to focus on building a bigger army. It just feels like for wandering monsters, there sure are a lot of them wandering about. If I'm doing anything incorrect, someone please let me know. I've only been playing for a few hours today, I'm sure some of you have put in a great deal more time than me lol.

So anyways, these are my first impressions. I plan on playing my save game a bit more to get a feel before I try out a new sorcerer. I definitely want to try out omniscience.