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Thread: My first impressions after a few hours

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    input type? what do you mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brassbgeek View Post
    input type? what do you mean?
    Input, changed in the options menu: RTS-like & MoM-like.

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    oh, its the default. You can play it like an RTS? I have it at turn based right now.

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    So I am going to try again in a second, but there were a couple things that happened when I was playing.

    I was playing draconians, starting on the air plane (ha! airplane) and I attacked a bandit camp with my starting unit. During the battle, the two spearmen and werewolves did nothing. I sat there and threw javelins at them the entire battle. I eventually had to run away because I couldn't damage the werewolves. There was something being said whenever I attacked the werewolves (not a dev console thing, it was some kind of buff).

    I had to save after the battle, and I tried to save, but I couldn't. There was red text that was saying that something was null and I couldn't save. So now I'm hoping that the autosave worked.


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    So after taking a looong time to load, the game (draconians) eventually loaded but with a whole slew of errors.


    here is save file:

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    So, played unhallowed this time. I didn't have any troubles saving.

    I did have the weird issues where wandering monsters would walk in to my cities and the dev log would say the army attacked itself. I believe the issue is that it tries to attack the city, but there isn't an army defending it, so it doesn't know what to do.

    I attacked the army while it was in one of my cities (by the way...the deathguards do over 90 damage to ghouls and skeleton archers! That is quite the wandering monster lol).

    After the fight was over, I got this screen. 2014-09-09_00003.jpg

    The change me screen wouldn't go away, so I quit for the time being lol.

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    oh, I don't know how movement works, but the skeletons move pretty fast across forests and mountains, and so did the wandering mobs.

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    How do you have it installed...says i cant buy it on steam till the 11th?

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    Currently only the backers have access to the game.

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    So youve liked it so far i take it?....sorry didnt read your whole thread, who did you play as and what units did you start with early to just get off the ground?

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