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Thread: My first impressions after a few hours

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    The Unhallowed are a little underpowered right now, so atm, I don't think that's a bad thing, brassgeek. But they will probably take a look at the situation
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    Quote Originally Posted by brassbgeek View Post
    I wouldn't say you are screwed, just means you have an easy time expanding without being harassed. Then you can take over your current plane before moving on to the next :3

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    I definitely think, looking at the disadvantages of the draconians, they are good early game (not against actual players, but against NPC's) but because of their slower population growth and unrest penalty, I imagine that they will be a pain to use late game.
    Yea tho...I would prefer either of the 2 races tho if I was alone to expand without harassment

    Weird, unless im just imagining it, I just get so many neutrals farther away as the one wants a Draconian as a neighbor
    The one or two rolls I have with starting human neutrals close are the ones im really doing well took me almost 20 rolls to get those 2....versus playing human and having humans close almost every roll that engulf me in a siege.

    Latter on Draconian units are so weak...the 4 or 5 human captured cities will be a must.

    I capture anything close enough to use.....burn anything farther away early on

    Everyone of my battles im seriously underpowered....but when the enemy just stands there and lets me shoot at him dont need much

    Miss>miss>miss>Omg i finnaly hit him> miss miss

    Battles (all tactical) are pittifully long versus playing the other races....but when the enemy early on....can only stand and be slaughtered dont need much if your patient.
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