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    Steam Reviews

    OK guys, I would appreciate it if all the forums regulars (and you know who you are) would go leave a review on WoM's Steam page. Some of you already have and we certainly appreciate it! If you haven't done it yet, please run by and review WoM here:

    WoM on Steam

    And chime in when you've done it so I can thank you (and check your name off the list, lol).
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    I'm going to wait about 4 weeks I think and then post a review of the Linux build. I'd like it to be a detailed review and I just haven't been able to get far enough into the game with the current set.

    Right now my review would be mostly "looks like it might be good when it's done" and I really want a review that says "this is great, click buy".

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    Sounds good! We'll keep working until it's ready for your "this is great, click buy" review
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    I'm a hard customer to please. Sorry about that.

    I would have much rather seen your stellar strategic elements of Time of Fury adapted to a fantasy setting as opposed to a rehash of MOM. The 4x games of that generation were extremely dumbed down strategically and even today they're not much better. Warlocks: Master of the Arcane was just too dismal to enjoy. Fallen Enchantress is pretty good, but there's some elements that are crazy-making.

    The grognards like me enjoy a bit of fantasy strategy game too, ya know.

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    Don't worry about being hard to please. It helps us refine the game.

    We have to be careful not to make it too strategically intense. I'm open to the idea of more in depth mechanics, but I want to keep it within the reach of the average player. (Of course, optional settings might be a good compromise.)
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    There's probably a happy medium between just dice rolls and supply lines, morale checks, and fortification bonuses.

    As time goes on, I'll throw out random thoughts on things like that. I feel like I've been kind of all bash and no praise today, but let me throw something out there ...

    This is the first game in YEARS that I actually decided I liked it (and its concept) enough to go participate in a forum about it.

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    Miradus, thanks for the compliment. I've been so busy that I just saw it. I really appreciate it
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