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Thread: Opinions on World Map thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    I can't give you an ETA on any graphic changes right now, simply because we have so much going on. At the moment the focus is really on the AI.

    We do have a GFX section in the design forums:


    However, it's not very active right now. As I said, we have a lot we're working on.
    Thanks for your reply!
    I hope that our message was more or less clear - nobody saying that graphics is all bad, but there're some problems with certain elements (which might be not so important for loyal fans) and the general thing about well "usability" of the map. I think the latter is much more important, yet understand that this is subjective.

    As far as I noticed сurrently the GFX forum only contains discussion of the elements, and this was the topic about the whole strategic map thing, so I meant an option discuss the "forest" not the individual "trees".

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    One problem with the map is the "Island" choice doesn't seem to make islands.
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    We do need to make the world map as possible.

    And "islands" should make islands.
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