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Thread: Spell type > Higher level = more benefits

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    Spell type > Higher level = more benefits

    In Mom were spells and their research of specific group cheaper, if one had 9 or more books. (or it started from book 10?)
    If I had 11 fire books, not only I could research all fire spells, but research and casting costs were cheaper (15%). Without picking Chaos Mastery. This was especially useful with Dark and Life spells, where was no mastery perk.

    Is or will be such "discount" be implemented in WoM?

    I have not played it enough to compare the costs effectively. I know that when I selected all nine Life levels, Enchanted Weapon costs was 8 mana (but it can be normal price)

    Also the power produced by the Capital was hither accordingly the amount of spell books selected. (when all 11 picks were used on one spell group, the power bonus would be the biggest, but basically each book selected beyond 4 increased power output of the master)
    It would be nice to have such support of power for magic oriented sorcerers, as they will depend on their magic power. At least more than sorcerer who who will invest in special abilities that improve economy or XP of units.
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    We intend to have a discount if you have Circle Mastery. We may also add a discount depending on the number of tiers you have in a circle
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