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Thread: User (lazy player) friendly spell casting micromanagement helper

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    User (lazy player) friendly spell casting micromanagement helper

    Ok, I have an army of 12 swordsmen, and I have enough mana and power to cast following spell(s) on each of them:
    - Ghost weapon
    - Fire weapon
    - Shock weapon
    - levitation
    - vampirism

    who would really do it? But what would be the final benefit... common, I can afford it, I want it, but I just won't do it as it asks for too many clicks?

    The Casting Micromanagement helper will help you!
    Just select all units you need to be enhanced. Done. Now select all spells that you want be used as enhancements. Done. Our helper will calculate mana and turns needed and all you need to do is just sit back and wait.

    BTW, when my power is 200 and I am casting a spell that need 25 mana, why do I have to wait till next turn? I should be able to cast 8 such spells just this one turn. Right? (just a recent observation ado)
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    That is an interesting suggestion. (Keep in mind that your casting is limited by your casting skill. So, even if you get your power to 200 you are still limited by your casting skill. Of course, if your casting skill were 200 that might be another matter...)
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    Sorry, my bad, with 200 I meant the Casting Skill , not the mana pool...
    so let's say I can spend 200 mana per turn (red ball) and I have 2000 mana in reserve.

    I brought it up, because I now that in MoM I could cast spells instantly in world map, when I had high enough Casting Skill. (especially useful, when enemies stood before the gates of my less defended city, so I did cast 3 x phantom warriors...later I could also summon air elemental instantly)
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    I LIKE!!! very much.

    Also, being able to cast more than 1 time per battle turn would be a bit OP, BUT maybe:
    You can cast X amount of mana per turn, were X is a ratio based on your casting skill? So you can cast up to 1/4? 1/3? 1/2? (I think 1/2 is a bit OP, maybe?) per turn, so if the ratio is 1/4 and casting skill is 200, then you can cast 50 man per turn. Then, you can cast 4 or 5 10 mana spells, or 1 spell that costs 50+ mana in one turn. You CANNOT cast 50+ mana spell if you already cast a cheaper spell before.

    So, you have a choice, cast 5 phantom warriors? or 1 60 mana summoning spell. You CANNOT cast 4 phantom warriors then the 1 60 mana summon?
    Or another rather "arbitrary" setting, only 1 or healing spell per turn, but as many "buffing" spells as you want?

    Or another, A "pre battle" phase which you get if you are the defending army in fortify mode, or attacking army. In this phase, you can use your casting pool to buff units and use your caster units to buff your army units. THIS WILL TAKE AWAY the mana available to you during battle! So if you use ALL mana in pre battle phase, then you will have 0 in battle, ditto for your caster units.

    To add to the "lazy caster" idea, maybe add a special automagic tool for armies where you can tell caster units to cast X spell on Y unit (especially useful if you want to use buffer casters abilities (paladins)). These automagic buffers would go first, after "x" seconds or "x" input from user in case player wants to interrupt and do something different than default.

    This would work great with the "lazy caster" tool as well. I donno...


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    I'd agree more automation needs to be built in as when armies and empires become large it becomes a micromanagement mess.

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