I played a game to about turn 125 or so last night and a few things

1. The stats for attack and damage seem incorrect, I'll give an example. I had woodelf archers level 3. It stated they had +5 to attack, but with BAB 3 and 4 Dex it should have been +7. I am not sure if this is just a display issue, or if the actual mechanics were effected. Is there a way to see what was rolled in the combat window, right now it just says hit or miss.

2. I created Paladins from 2 separate cities and I could not move them out of the city, I would select them, and clicked outside the city, on open spaces, other cities and a bandit camp, they would not leave. I attempted the command to send them to another city, still didn't work.

3. I ran out of mana while I had several enchantments up without noticing it and they all got cancelled. A notice that if you end turn with not enough mana that spells will expire would be great.

4. I reloaded my game to the last autosave to get my enchantments back, and 3 huge monster packs suddenly appeared around one of my cities, not sure why. The game crashed after the first one attacked and took over my city.

I just reloaded the most recent save and was able to move the paladins, so I am not sure how to recreate that for you. I tried to upload it using the attachment thing here, but it said invalid save file.