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Thread: Circles and Potential Spell Lists Questions

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    Question Circles and Potential Spell Lists Questions

    I've been spending time reading about the spell system and figuring out Fun ways to utilize it and deciding that it's really neat. I have a solid grasp on how the Circles work and how Cross-Circles work (I think), but I have a question regarding how multiple circles affect the potential spell list for the Sorcerer Lord.

    My understanding is that two Circles combine to determine which Tier spells one can learn. The most commonly quoted example is that if Destruction + Fire is equal to or greater than 3, then the Sorcerer Lord may be able to learn Fireball. If a Sorcerer Lord has Destruction 3 OR Fire 3, then there's a chance that Fireball will be in his/her spellbook during the game. If a Sorcerer Lord has Destruction AND Fire that total to 3 or more, then Fireball is guaranteed to be in his/her spellbook during the game. This is true even if neither Fire nor Destruction are themselves level 3 or higher. In any event, the Sorcerer Lord will still have to research the spell.

    Fire 3, Destruction 0: Chance for Fireball
    Fire 0, Destruction 3: Chance for Fireball
    Fire 1 + Destruction 2 or Destruction 2 + Fire 1: Guaranteed Fireball
    X Fire + Y Destruction > 3: Guaranteed Fireball
    Fire 1 + Destruction 1: No Fireball for You

    Provided my understanding of this is correct, then I run into trouble determining potential spellbooks for multi-Circle Sorcerer Lords based on the Potential Spell List that's on the Wiki (usual 'subject to change, may not be accurate' spiel goes here). Which Circle, if any, is used to determine the maximum number of spells available to a given Tier? Does each Circle get the listed quantity of potential spells, with guarantees of the Cross-Circle spells, or does only the highest level Circle apply, outside of specific Cross-Circle spells above the highest Circle's level?

    If I roll a Sorcerer Lord with Earth 3/Mentalism 5, then, if my understanding is correct, my spellbook will someday include:
    A Tier 8 Earth/Mentalism spell
    A Tier 7 Earth/Mentalism spell
    A Tier 6 Earth/Mentalism spell
    A Tier 5 Earth/Mentalism spell
    A Tier 4 Earth/Mentalism spell
    A Tier 3 Earth/Mentalism spell
    Two Tier 2 Earth/Mentalism spells
    Two Tier 1 Earth/Mentalism spells
    Some other Earth/* spells
    Some other */Mentalism spells
    (That's the easy part.)

    Provided I'm understanding correctly, the Potential Spell List page of the Wiki tells me that my 5 Circle Mentalism will give me 12 T1, 10 T2, 4 T3, 4 T4, and 3 T5 spells. My 3 Circle Earth will give me 10 T1, 7 T2, and 3 T3 spells. The Cross-Circles are guaranteed to be there and are counted in the spell counts. The additional spells above and beyond that, though, will come from either Earth or Mentalism. I will not have any Earth spells above T3 except for the Earth/Mentalism ones, nor any Mentalism spells above T5 except for the Earth/Mentalism ones. I'll never learn any T9 spells because a) my Circles don't total to 9 and b) T9 spells are limited to those that have 9 Circles in that aspect, anyway, which is why they are so powerful and rare. (That's the other easy part and is very intuitive.)

    (This is the hard part.)
    So, let's look at Tier 3. I'll get an Earth/Mentalism spell because that's guaranteed. Now, will I then get 3 other Mentalism spells as well as 2 other Earth spells, or will I still only have a total of 4 T3 spells, which might be Earth/* or */Mentalism, due my highest Circle (Mentalism) rank?

    Further, will the randomly generated spellbook take into account overlap between the Circles and the guaranteed Cross-Circle spells so that, in essence, there's every reason to expect that I would get all T1 Earth and all T1 Mentalism spells (the Earth/Mentalism ones are guaranteed and can be counted against the Mentalism's count of 12 T1 spells, leaving the 10 Earth spells to be filled with everything else from that Tier in Earth)?

    The situation becomes muddier with three Circles to draw from, but I'm reasonably confident that the answer to a two-Circle situation would apply evenly to a more greatly diversified Circle selection, as well.
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