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Thread: Aaron Interview 09-25-2014 on KTAM Radio!

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    Heh. I don't think our schedules are predictable enough to do it on the same day every month. We'll see though
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    I'm too busy to listen to this, can someone give me a summary of what's been discussed? I'm starting college, so I don't have much time to listen to this or to playtest WoM at the moment. I haven't even gotten the chance to set up my new computer yet.
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    You know the way I talk Endless Rain, a summation might be three pages long, lol. (Maybe Troy can try to give you the short, short version if he gets a chance.)

    Thanks Zdsdead. I hope you can catch the next show.

    And thank you Beck. One of these days things may calm down enough for a regular show. For now we'll just do things "as we can".
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    Is it time for a hat trick? Christmas is coming and our audience is expanding. Plus we love having you guys on.

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    We should be able to line up something soon, Beck. We love being on KTAM as well.

    Maybe we could aim for week after next.
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    Cant wait, but spare a thought for us Europeans across the pond, and try for a friday/saturday night, or a earlier time ;-)

    Enjoyed the recent youtube interview by the way!
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    I have a youtube interview from France (I think) coming up soon. That would be more your timezone zdsdead. Of course, it's going to be recorded, not live, but it's the thought that counts, lol.
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    Pick the date and let us know. We are doing some re-structuring. Added new forums and adding a second radio. K-TAM is going more rock/metal the second station will be more dance/techno launching in the new year. works best as a contact if I am not in our mumble. It's my busy time of year for work. Been trying to play the game but I must really suck. Not won a battle yet.

    I'll be sure to do a replay that is Euro friendly. we can do earlier in the day as well if that works.

    What time would everyone like it to be at? Maybe we can find a compromise where everyone can have a good chance to participate in the conversation.

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    Hi Aaron,

    Just checking in. Been keeping up with the reviews and press. Been trying top play the game as well. feel free to contact us at K-TAM Radio at if you would like to do another interview. We like to try and keep following up on the games and stories we have covered in the past.

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    This is an old thread. Damn.
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