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Thread: [bugs] Misc bugs and suggestions

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    [bugs] Misc bugs and suggestions

    First of all I have to say good work on the beta, feels a lot better than the alpha!

    Still, of course, there is always rooms for improvements...

    - After my last city was attacked and lost, the game showed that I had defeated all the other wizards and won.

    - After my last city was attacked and lost, the game said I lost gold then changed the cursor to a wait cursor then nothing happened.

    - Sometimes when armies end the turn on a special square that you can interact with, they disappear into it as if it was a city or something and never start moving again unless you go to that special square (like a
    bandit camp) and click it to activate the army then move it manually. If you had set the army in question to move somewhere before ending the turn (when it was still on the special square) you will after a while start wondering where it went.

    - Animation and sound doesnt seem to be synced in battle.

    - When running windowed mode, the map will scroll even when the WoM window is not the active window. While I am typing this, the map has scrolled up to a corner.

    - What happened to the escape button? I entered a special square and faced too many opponents but unlike in the previous version I played there was no escape button for my units so they died.

    - AI seems a bit confused sometimes... When playing a longer game I ended up having 4 different neutral armies surrounding my city. Every turn they would each attack the city then instantly start running away as soon as the battle started. So I had to play through 4 battles every turn without any real resolution (couldnt reach them on time before escaping) which grew a bit tiresome after a while.

    - When trying to interact with one of the special squares (witches hut), nothing would happen. I clicked interact and the menu just disappeared. Clicked it again, nothing happened, just removed the menu again. Etc. Gave up eventually. That specific square is still like that, cant interact and no further information. The next special square i visited was an oracle. While the oracle was showing me the interesting locations, I had a battle report in front of everything, possibly from the witches hut?

    - When attacking an enemy city, it seems like I only had to pay the reduced mana used when defending your own capital. Also, something seemed odd about the extra mana spent on boosting ice bolt: when trying to increase it too much, the mana indicator turned red to show I would not be able to add that much. After casting it however I still had enough mana left to cast it once again which doesnt make a lot of sense.

    - After playing for a while I had a bunch of null reference exceptions in the console.

    - Enemy archers attacking seem to throw null reference exception in console (seen it several times at least).

    - After attacking an enemy city and winning, then picking "take", surely the attacking unit should then automatically be moved into the city square instead of staying outside until the next turn?

    - When trying to split a unit up, it would be nice if clicking in a direction would be enough to separate them instead of being forced to click the exact square next to the unit.

    - If possible, please mark the spells that cannot be cast clearly in the spellbook. In MoM it was very easy to see what could be cast without needing to click anything.

    - When a special square is empty, perhaps it would be nicer to see a message saying something like found nothing instead of the screen showing the summary? Feels like an overkill to know I gained no EXP, lost no soldiers, gained no loot every time.

    - How can I see the army details of an enemy unit on the world map? In MoM I could right click the unit and see if I was facing a single unit or like 8 of them. Same goes with cities: cant see whats inside without attacking.

    - Fighting for cities should give a map that contains a city or something instead of looking like you are fighting in the middle of nowhere? Like at least having a city outline on one side of the map.

    - Right clicking a map square to move the camera there would be nice.

    - When finding EXP as loot, would be nice to know how much was found. And to see when units level up. Right now I have a "Battle summary" from an empty special square showing EXP gained: 0, losses: -, Loot: RewardBonusEXP. So did I get any EXP or not? Probably should say EXP gained: <however much my units gained> at the top...

    - How come the game gets slower the longer you play? Better than the alpha but still very noticable.

    - After playing a while, I got a message I had defeated the others and won. I guess some neutral cities/roamings had managed to kill both the enemy wizards in ~40-50 turns which feels way too short without even meeting the other wizards. Happened several times, I guess needs some AI tweak.

    - In previous versions, world map visibility was normal. In this latest version, at least during the game I am playing now, I seem to be able to see A LOT farther on the map around the unit without casting scouting or anything on it... Its just a regular swordman. Using double movement but I thought that would only affect movement, not visibility?

    I will probably add another thread when I find more stuff.
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