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Thread: [improvement] 1473 - Building/unit selection when queueing

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    [improvement] 1473 - Building/unit selection when queueing

    This is more building focused than units; at first I was going to ask for single click building queuing, but it's really the lack of knowing for sure I have the building selected that is causing me to miss-double click on the building. If you could have it select the building visibly, that would help tremendously.

    Same with units, to a lesser degree. It's also an odd feeling - if I'm trying to queue up 3 crossbowmen, it's hard to tell I have actually done that until I click over to the queue and look. There needs to be a little more feedback in the UI that you are successfully queuing things.

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    Good suggestion. Thanks for the feedback!
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    the problem with not knowing if you have queued up a unit or not is because of the missing sound effect and you should consider adding the amount of currently queued units behind the unit name in the unit building screen.

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