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Thread: [improvement] 1473 - build queue reordering

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    [improvement] 1473 - build queue reordering

    I didn't see this but I have to believe someone has already asked for it. Being able to rearrange your build queue would be great. I often have ~10 things queued up but all of a sudden need a settler; if I could queue up a settler and promote it to the front of the queue, that would work fine in lieu of a complete drag and drop queue reordering UI.

    Also, a more compact view of just the name of what is queued, in a vertical style, would be an improvement over the giant figure/picture horizontal queue. Maybe a standard/advanced radio button there, and standard is the current queue and advanced is a compact text only vertical?

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    Reordering building queue is currently out of question - you can add thing to the queue as long as it's prerequisite is also in queue, reordering this would cause lots of weird behaviour.

    As for the second point - maybe. Not our priority now. Thanks for feedback!

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    Solution to Reordering with drag and drop

    I may be wrong in this, but this would seem to be pretty easy to solve:

    Currently, the queue allows queuing for items without their prerequisites as long as the prereqs are in the queue ahead of them. NICE!!! I like that:

    But reordering the queue would possible break it if you move an item to the front of the queue before it's prereq!

    Include immediate prereq ID in the stored data. It probably is already there. Make sure that it searches for the Prereq ID in the "built" section first, if so, then exit sub

    If not, then find it in the queue, then if Prereq Queue# < Item Queue#, then allow queue change, else block queue change. Check on each queue change

    This is COMPLICATED change, but should work.

    Other option:
    Only allow queue changes of UNITS, not buildings. THis would work great because you already block unit building unless the units prereq building is ALREADY BUILT! So the units prereq building will NEVER be in the building queue, no need to check!


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    Quote Originally Posted by kelemit View Post
    THis would work great because you already block unit building unless the units prereq building is ALREADY BUILT!
    But this has not always been the case, and it is possible that it will not be the case always. I used to always queue up a cleric after shrine in human city build queues, or skald after sage's guild in orc cities, but sometime around maybe .14 or .16 or so that stopped being possible.

    Also, it really is very easy to clear queue and then requeue things. Given how badly they've been breaking things with their recent fixes, it might just be best to get the game feature-complete and playable first

    Your proposed solution assumes that there's an easy way to force a queue re-check if items moved. I can't see the guts of the game even enough to fully understand unit levelling; do you have a way to see the queuing logic?

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