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Thread: Bugs, suggestions and queries

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    Bugs, suggestions and queries

    Build 1473. 2014-09-24

    Loading a game causes a load of nullreferenceexceptions and the debug console activates.

    When loading, allow double-clicking a filename to load without clicking on done.

    When Saving, get rid of the dialog that says save completed. We don't need to know and it just
    slows you down.

    There is no way to exit a battle and surrender. When I realise I am going to lose, my preference
    would be to load a saved game, but I'll accept a simple loss instead. I do not want to have to
    go through all the motions for acouple of minutes which is a waste of my time and my time is
    valuable as is everyone else's time.

    I'm finding the left/right click system confusing, regardless of whether I use the MoM or RTS
    style interface. For the RTS style, it might be better for double click to enter the city
    screen. The way it is, if I have a unit selected and then want to look at a city, I have to
    remember to left click the city then right click it. If I just right click, I accidentally move
    my unit there which is a nuisance. Double-clicking would be unambiguous and would always work
    and is more intuitive.

    When an army is selected, you should be able to right click on a unit icon in the list of units
    to should its statistics. The only way I can find that is even close is to bring up the list a
    all of my units which is not the same thing as I cannot distiguish units of the same type and
    levels and experience cannot be linked back to the unit in the army.

    Archer units have an excessive range and get far too many shots in before melee units can

    When you get the manual or auto combat dialog, please do something to show the armies on both
    sides so that the user can make a rational decision. If the battle looks one-sided, you'll
    probably opt for auto, whereas for close battles you may want to go manual but you don't have
    the information to decide. This is especially true when you are attacked. Sometimes I've been
    attacked and I have no idea where the battle is or what army of mine is involved, let alone the
    enemy. This needs urgent fixing.

    Somewhere around turn 40 I had 5 cities. In one turn over a dozen independent armies appeared.
    This strikes me as somewhat excessive.

    After 50 turns, there are no heroes yet. Do they even exist?

    I cannot attack independents. Neither cities nor armies. Playing on has become pointless as I
    have no way of waging war, What gives?

    Where's the in-game manual?

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    And please add a cancel button to the manual/auto combat selection button in case you moved the army by mistake.

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