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I'm learning some d20 right now and I appreciate the increased logic and so on. As I said a fine system and a solid choice for WoM.

But AD&D, guys, you must have no heart.
How can anyone speak ill of AD&D?!?!?

Fondest memories ever.
And it gave you Ravenloft, Planescape, even good ol' Forgotten Realms.
It's the stuff of legend.
Folks, seriously. We are NOT having this argument
All those settings are filled with wonderful ideas, anecdotes, and rich characters, and I've owned them all at one point or another and cherished them while they were in my collection. But the sad truth is, none of them (NONE) were written with the idea that people would actually need to find that information useful for actual play. Anytime you read something from AD&D, especially second edition, you - the consumer - have to go through all kinds contortions to hammer it into something remotely useful for what happens at the table. AD&D2e was an incredibly poorly written and incompetently executed game. I could offer mountains of proof, but all I need to say is this: if it were anything else other that what I have described, would TSR had needed WotC to bail them out at the end of the 90's?