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Thread: scrolling / moving the camera by mouse-drag

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    scrolling / moving the camera by mouse-drag

    hey, one control feature which has been implemented in the 4x genre the last couple years which i find is the most convenient way to move the camera / view is by clicking & holding the left / right mousebutton and dragging the screen along.

    currently WoM has something similiar with the middle mousebutton but this is a) rather a gentle pushing than dragging and b) the middle mousebutton is not really the best method for this kind of action. that is because the midle mousebutton is more often than not quite hard to push down and even harder to hold down, it will wear out the mousewheel very quickly, especially with cheap mouses, and it is quite inconvinient to use (in my opinion).

    being able to drag the camera view with the right mousebutton in standard WoM control scheme (maybe left mousebutton for the RTS-style control scheme) and giving the middle mousebutton the control over the angle would be a perfect matchup. this would enable us to control the game just via mouse very conveniently and frees the left / right hand (depending on your mouse-hand) to be able to use for some beverages & pretzels .

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    Thanks for the suggestion! We may very well be able to implement it.
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    great, from experience this way is mostly the smoothest way which didn't make the movement seem choppy. also i love to play and feed me some pretzels .

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    I can move around on the overland map with the center mouse button, but it moves differently than expected from other games. Instead of dragging, it scrolls based on the cursors placement in respect to the center. I find the dragging more intuitive and easier to use though....

    edit: It's relative to where I click and not the center. That's slightly more useful, but I still prefer the dragging. That might be because I'm used to dragging - I'll test some more.

    Edit 2: It works with dragging on the battle map and even after more testing I still prefer dragging with the center mouse than scrolling based on position of the mouse. It's especially problematic when I'm close to the edge on the world map. Then I have to use edge scroll instead of the center mouse and it can be annoying when having multiple displays.
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