I don't know if this is actually a bug or not, but under acid arrow, it says the cost (next to the blue crystal thing) is 10, yet in the info section, it says 30 (next to "casting cost") and when I cast the spell in combat, it uses 30 mana.

If it is supposed to cast 10 mana, cool, it just needs to be fixed. If it costs 30, then why? lol.

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Also, when playing unhallowed (I don't know about the other races yet) When I open up the building menu (or the unit hiring menu) it will tell me how many turns it ought to take to build a building or unit, and when I click build, the actual number of turns until completion is usually pretty different. Like if a building says 20 turns, it actually means 59 turns. Or if I am making a dark herald and I am told that it will take 4 turns, it actually takes 8 turns.