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Thread: Objectif 08/10

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    Exclamation Objectif 08/10

    Hi guys,
    I have been told that there will be a release the 8th of October. French translation would be included if finished. Youpi!
    But there are about 6 pages still remaining.
    Will you have time to make some translation this week-end?

    Circonflexe, Sloul, are you in? Do you have an access to the file? If not, can I copy English strings in the forum...


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    Oui, mais je ne sais pas où trouver les fichiers, donc ouais si tu pouvais poster ici, ce serait pas mal.
    Ou alors m'indiquer les chemins d'accès du fichier en quesiton.

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    Le fichier n'est accessible que si Hoverdog ou un autre admin t'en donne le droit. En attendant, voici de quoi se divertir. Il suffit de traduire la partie après le signe "=" en respectant la casse.



    guiDiplomacyTitle = DIPLOMACY

    guiDiplomacyOffers = OFFERS
    guiDiplomacyRelations = RELATIONS
    guiDiplomacyTreaties = TREATIES
    dipDeclareWar = DECLARE WAR!
    dipForce = Demand
    dipPropose = Propose
    dipAskfor = Ask for
    dipGive = Give
    dipSubGold = Gold
    dipSubGoldQ = Gold
    dipSubGoldT = Gold (per turn)
    dipSubMana = Mana
    dipSubManaQ = Mana
    dipSubManaT = Mana (per turn)
    dipSubWorldRes = Resources
    dipSubWorldResT =
    dipSubWorldResQ =
    dipSubItems = Items
    dipSubItem = Item:
    dipSubSpells = Spells
    dipSubSpell = Spell:
    dipSubUnits = Units
    dipSubUnit = Unit:
    dipSubCities = Cities
    dipSubCity = City:
    dipSubLords = Sorcerer Lord Information
    dipSubLord = Lord:
    dipSubStates = Change of Relations
    dipSubState =
    dipSubMap = Map Information
    dipSubTiles = Tiles::
    dipYes = Yes
    dipNo = No
    dipProceed = Proceed
    dipNoLords = You have not found any other Sorcerer Lords yet!


    ETERNAL_WAR = Eternal War
    WAR = War
    TRUCE = Truce
    PEACE = Peace
    NONAGGRESION_PACT = Non-aggression Pact
    DEFENSE_ALLIANCE = Defense Alliance
    ALLIANCE = Alliance
    //World Features
    WFAltarTitansdesc = Altar of the Titans

    WFAncientMinedesc = A maze of tunnels deep below the ground, with a second entrance in another part of the plane.
    WFAncientRuindesc = A long-forgotten site of an ancient city. Some buildings still remain intact.
    WFBanditCampdesc = This hidden clearing is a safehouse for a band of brigands.
    WFCavedesc = A dark cavern with dangers lurking inside.
    WFCorruptedShrinedesc = Once a place of worship, now tainted by evil forces.
    WFDarkHengedesc = A magical stone circle guarded by evil worshippers.
    WFDendesc = A lair of some dangerous creatures.
    WFDragonsLairdesc = Powerful dragonkin inhabit this deadly place.
    WFDungeondesc = Forgotten ruins inhabited by foul creatures.
    WFFountainOfLifedesc = The waters of this fountain can bring dead heroes back to life.
    WFFountainofYouthdesc = A healing spring flows here.
    WFGatewaydesc = A portal to another plane.
    WFGhostShipdesc = A haunted ship eternally sailing on the seas.
    WFGreatFortressdesc = An ancient, towering stronghold
    WFGreatLibrarydesc = A repository of forgotten knowledge.
    WFHauntedMinedesc = A prosperous mine now guarded by the undead.
    WFHellGatewaydesc = A one-way gate to one of the planes of hell.
    WFHowlingMinedesc = A shaft filled with restless spirits and precious minerals.
    WFImprisoningCircledesc = A magical prison holding a powerful captive.
    WFIvoryTowerdesc = A centre of magical research long abandoned by scholars.
    WFLostTribedesc = A small and peaceful tribe resides here.
    WFNecromancerTowerdesc = A shelter of an insane necromancer.
    WFNodedesc = A source of pure elemental energy that can be harnessed.
    WFObeliskdesc = A mystical pillar that can grant boons to those it deems worthy.
    WFGreatOracledesc = A clairvoyant seer lives here.
    WFRiftdesc = A tear between two planes of existence.
    WFRuinedCastledesc = A once proud fort now reduced to ruins.
    WFShipwreckdesc = Remnants of a ship haunted by ghosts of unfortunate sailors.
    WFStatueGardendesc = A palace full of strikingly beautiful statues.
    WFTeleportationStonedesc = A floating crystal with the ability to instantly teleport armies.
    WFTombOfForgottenSorcererLorddesc = A powerful wizards from ancient times is buried here.
    WFVampireCryptdesc = A clan of vampires chose this place as their hideout.
    WFVolcanicRuinsdesc = Remains of an ancient metropolis buried in volcanic ash.
    WFWatchtowerdesc = A grand tower soars over the lands.

    WFAncientBattlefield = Ancient Battlefield

    WFAncientBattlefielddesc = An epic battle was once fought here. Fallen warriors still haunt this place.
    WFCircus = Circus
    WFCircusdesc = A wandering fair has set up a circus here.
    WFForgottenCamp = Forgotten Camp
    WFForgottenCampdesc = Outcasts have set up a camp, hidden deep in the wild.
    WFKeep = Keep
    WFKeepdesc = A majestic keep, overtaken by bandits, towers over the landscape.
    WFLostCaravan = Lost Caravan
    WFLostCaravandesc = A ransacked caravan can be found here.
    WFOldLibrary = Old Library
    WFOldLibrarydesc = A ruined library, once full of arcane knowledge, may still have secrets to uncover.
    WFRunestone = Runestone
    WFRunestonedesc = A totemic runestone stands here, protected by its worshippers.
    WFWitchHut = Witches’ Hut
    WFWitchHutdesc = An old hag resides here, protected by some of her pets.

    WeaknessHuecuva = Weakness
    MindWrackHuecuva = Mind Wrack
    FalseLifeHuecuva = False Life
    SpitofBileWraith = Spit of Bile
    TorporWraith = Torpor
    FireballDeathGuard = Fireball
    AidDruid = Aid
    StoneSkinDruid = Stone Skin
    WindBlastGreyMage = Wind Blast
    LightningStrikeGreyMage = Lightning Strike
    GuardianWindGreyMage = Guardian Wind
    KeenEdgeSpellsword = Keen Edge
    BerserkFrenzySpellsword = Berserk Frenzy
    FireballElementalist = Fireball
    IceBoltElementalist = Ice Bolt
    ThunderclapElementalist = Thunderclap
    HealSkald = Heal
    SandblastSkald = Sandblast
    ElementalArmorManslayer = Elemental Armor
    GiantStrengthManslayer = Giant Strength
    FireWeaknessEfreet = Fire Weakness
    WarpRealityEfreet = Warp Reality
    FlameArrowEfreet = Flame Arrow
    FireballEfreet = Fireball
    FlamestrikeEfreet = Flamestrike
    ConfusionEfreet = Confusion
    FireElementalEfreet = Fire Elemental
    WaterElementalMarid = Water Elemental
    MindStormMarid = Mind Storm
    ReflectDamageMarid = Reflect Damage
    DehydrateMarid = Dehydrate
    CharmMarid = Charm

    WeaknessHuecuvadesc = Can cast Weakness.\nTarget receives -2 to hit and damage.\nCasting cost: 8
    MindWrackHuecuvadesc = Can cast Mind Wrack.\nTarget receives -5 to Will saves.\nCasting cost: 5
    SpitofBileWraithdesc = Can cast Spit of Bile.\nDeals 4-24 Negative Energy damage.\nCasting cost: 10
    TorporWraithdesc = Can cast Torpor.\nTarget cannot do anything until attacked.\nCasting cost: 15
    FireballDeathGuarddesc = Can cast Fireball.\nDeals 6-36 Fire Damage to units in 3x3 tile radius.\nCasting cost: 20
    AidDruiddesc = Can cast Aid.
    StoneSkinDruiddesc = Can cast Stone Skin
    WindBlastGreyMagedesc = Can cast Wind Blast
    LightningStrikeGreyMagedesc = Can cast Lightning Strike
    GuardianWindGreyMagedesc = Can cast Guardian Wind
    KeenEdgeSpellsworddesc = Can cast Keen Edge
    BerserkFrenzySpellsworddesc = Can cast Berserk Frenzy
    FireballElementalistdesc = Can cast Fireball
    IceBoltElementalistdesc = Can cast Ice Bolt
    ThunderclapElementalistdesc = Can cast Thunderclap
    HealSkalddesc = Can cast Heal
    SandblastSkalddesc = Can cast Sandblast
    ElementalArmorManslayerdesc = Can cast Elemental Armor
    GiantStrengthManslayerdesc = Can cast Giant Strength
    FireWeaknessEfreetdesc = Can cast Fire Weakness
    WarpRealityEfreetdesc = Can cast Warp Reality
    FlameArrowEfreetdesc = Can cast Flame Arrow
    FireballEfreetdesc = Can cast Fireball
    FlamestrikeEfreetdesc = Can cast Flamestrike
    ConfusionEfreetdesc = Can cast Confusion
    FireElementalEfreetdesc = Can cast Fire Elemental
    WaterElementalMariddesc = Can cast Water Elemental
    MindStormMariddesc = Can cast Mind Storm
    ReflectDamageMariddesc = Can cast Reflect Damage
    DehydrateMariddesc = Can cast Dehydrate
    CharmMariddesc = Can cast Charm

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    Et ce qui reste, en vrac

    opt_Language = Langue
    opt_ShowAutoBattleQuestion =
    opt_ShowAutoBattleAlways =
    opt_ShowAutoBattleNever =
    opt_EnableTutorial = Enable Tutorial Hints
    opt_ResetTutorial = Reset Tutorial
    opt_SingleFigure = Show Single Figures in Units
    opt_MultipleFigure = Show Multiple Figures in Units
    opt_AutoSaveInterval = Autosave Interval
    EveryTurn = Every Turn
    EveryFifthTurn = Every Fifth Turn
    FifteenMin = Every Fifteen Minutes
    HalfHour = Every Half Hour
    EveryHour = Every Hour
    None = Disable
    opt_ShowTooltips = Show Tooltips
    opt_TooltipsDelay = Tooltips Delay
    opt_UnitsSpeed = Units Speed
    opt_EOTArmies = Show Armies End of Turn Message
    opt_EOTCities = Show Cities End of Turn Message
    opt_EOTResearch = Show Research End of Turn Message

    opt_Resolution = Resolution
    opt_Windowed = Windowed Mode
    opt_Glow = Glow
    opt_Bloom = Bloom
    opt_SSAOcc = SSA Occlusion
    opt_SSAObs = SSA Obscurance
    opt_Quality = Graphics Quality
    opt_VSync = VSync
    opt_VSync_0 = 2
    opt_VSync_2 = 2
    opt_VSync_1 = 1
    opt_AA = Anti-aliasing
    opt_AA_0 = 0 samples
    opt_AA_2 = 2 samples
    opt_AA_4 = 4 samples
    opt_AA_8 = 8 samples
    opt_AudioMain = Sounds Volume
    opt_AudioGUI = GUI Sounds Volume
    opt_AudioSounds = Characters Sounds Volume
    opt_AudioMusic = Music Volume

    opt_MouseType = Mouse Selection
    RTSLike = RTS-like (left-click to select, right-click to act)
    MOMLike = MoM-like (left-click to select, left-click to act)

    cityDamageReport_goldGain = Your troops looted {0} gold
    cityDamageReport_goldLoss = You lost {0} gold
    cityDamageReport_buildingsDestroyedOne = {0} was destroyed as a result of battle
    cityDamageReport_buildingsDestroyedMany = {0} were destroyed as a result of battle
    cityDamageReport_populationKilled = {0} citizens have lost their lives as a result

    gameOver_win = Congratulations! You have conquered all other sorcerer lords.
    gameOver_lose = You have been defeated.

    unitEscape_start = Escaping!
    unitEscape_fail = Escape failed!
    unitEscape_success = Escaped!

    surveyor_desc = Hover over a tile to display

    surveyor_population = Maximum Population: {0}
    surveyor_gold = Gold Bonus: {0}%
    surveyor_production = Production Bonus: {0}%
    surveyor_food = Food Bonus: {0}%
    surveyor_ne = Negative energy bonus: {0}%
    surveyor_resources = Available Resources: {0}
    surveyor_noResources = No available resources.
    surveyor_cantBuild = Cities cannot be built less than 3 tiles from any other city.

    cs_UpkeepLabel = Upkeep

    spellbook_FIRE = Show Fire spells
    spellbook_WATER = Show Water spells
    spellbook_EARTH = Show Earth spells
    spellbook_AIR = Show Air spells
    spellbook_LIFE = Show Life spells
    spellbook_DEATH = Show Death spells
    spellbook_DESTRUCTION = Show Destruction spells
    spellbook_AUGMENTATION = Show Augmentation spells
    spellbook_PROTECTION = Show Protection spells
    spellbook_SUMMONING = Show Summoning spells
    spellbook_MENTALISM = Show Mentalism spells
    spellbook_BIOMANCY = Show Biomancy spells
    spellbook_ARCANE = Show Arcane spells
    spellbook_ALL = Show spells from all circles
    spellbook_sortABC = Sort alphabetically
    spellbook_sortTier = Sort by tier
    spellbook_sortTierNext = Next tier
    spellbook_sortTierPrev = Previous tier
    spellbook_sortCost = Sort by cost
    spellbook_modeCombat = Show combat spells
    spellbook_modeWorld = Show strategic spells
    spellbook_stored = Show stored spells

    targetRestriction_EnemyCity = Enemy City
    targetRestriction_FriendlyCity = Friendly City

    fi_PossibleGuardians = Possible Guardians:
    fi_Close = Close
    fi_Interact = Interact
    fi_GoldReward = Gold
    fi_ManaReward = Mana
    fi_SpellReward = Spell
    fi_CircleReward = Circle
    fi_ResearchReward = Research
    fi_EXPReward = Experience
    fi_HealReward = Healing

    cityDamageReport_noGoldGain = No loot found.
    cityDamageReport_noGoldLoss = Attackers didn’t find any gold.

    cl_Taxes = Tax Rate
    cl_GoldIncome = Gold per Citizen
    cl_Unrest = Unrest

    tavernHire = HIRE FOR:
    tavernUnits = Mercenaries
    tavernHeroes = Heroes
    tavernItems = Items

    bbp_choose = CHOOSE:

    manabar_mana = [
    34DDDD]Mana:[-] {0}

    casting_finished = CASTING COMPLETE!
    casting_finisheddesc = [EAD996]{0}[-] is ready to cast!
    casting_cast = CAST
    casting_store = PRESERVE

    _overwriteSave = Do you want to overwrite your previous save?
    _deleteSave = Delete save?
    _missingLabel = No text available. Please send log and save file to us.

    lc_FlagColor = Flag Color

    featuredesc_easy = It looks abandoned.
    featuredesc_veryhard = It looks deadly.
    featuredesc_medium = It looks inhabited.
    featuredesc_hard = It looks dangerous.
    featuredesc_possibleRewards = Possible rewards:
    fi_CirclesReward = Spell circle(s):

    tooltipWorldMain_19 = Current total Negative Energy and income this turn.\nWithout Negative Energy, your troops may disband and buildings dismantle.

    tooltipCity23 = Purchase. Spend city population to have the currently produced item finished immediately and ready for the next turn.

    mm_MapSize = Choose the size of planes.

    mm_Opponents = Select the number of opposing Sorcerer Lords.
    mm_FastMovement = Select to double units’ movement on the world map.

    button_retreat = Retreat!

    mmHIGH_MEN_desc = High Men, proud and noble humans.

    mmGRAY_ELVES_desc = Grey Elves, sophisticated forest dwellers.
    mmUNHALLOWED_desc = Unhallowed, the undead scourge.
    mmDRACONIANS_desc = Draconians, a race of ancient dragonkin.

    mmCustom_desc = Create your own Sorcerer Lord!
    mm0_desc = Markas, who focuses on might over magic.
    mm1_desc = Merlin, an old, wise sage.
    mm2_desc = R’jak, an evil necromancer.
    mm3_desc = Ariel, a benevolent priestess of Life.
    mm4_desc = Eyegor, a malicious spawn of Chaos.
    mm5_desc = Neve, an inexperienced mage with great potential.

    RewardBonusExp = Bonus Experience
    RewardHeal = Full Healing

    mm_LandType = Select the landmass type of this plane.
    mm_LandCoverage = Select the amount of plane covered by land.

    units_desert_popup = Some of your units will desert at the end of this turn due to lack of Food and/or Gold. Increase your taxes or Food production to accommodate for your armies’ upkeep.\n\nDo you still wish to proceed?
    units_desert_popup_unhallowed = Some of your units will desert at the end of this turn due to lack of Negative Energy. Increase your Negative Energy production to accommodate for your armies’ upkeep.\n\nDo you still wish to proceed?

    cs_militia = Town Militia
    cs_militia_desc = Shows the amount of guard units that defend the town during sieges.

    _missingSaves = NO SAVES AVAILABLE!
    nameyoursavegame = Name your save game

    event_BLUE_MOON = Research is doubled!
    event_GaiasBlessing_end_many = Mother Earth turns her back. Her blessing dissipates.
    event_BAD_MOON = All religious buildings lose their effects.
    event_GAIAS_CURSE = Natural healing rate of all living creatures is halved.
    event_GreatInfusion_end_many = The infusion has ended and the winds of magic have returned to their normal state.
    event_HarvestMoon_end_many = The Harvest Moon has waned and farmers begrudgingly return to their work.

    cs_building_desc = Construct buildings
    cs_hiring_desc = Hire troops

    tooltipCity24 = Citizens. Each Unhallowed Citizen figure counts as a thousand undead inhabitants, and consumes 1 Negative Energy per turn.
    tooltipCity25 = Harvesters. Each harvester produces 2 Negative Energy and 0.5 Production per turn. You must have enough harvesters to gather enough Negative Energy to maintain the city's population at all times.

    choose_save_file = CHOOSE A FILE TO LOAD:

    dipWelcome = Greetings
    dipWelcome_text = Hail, mighty wizard. I bear greetings and words of wisdom.

    Save_Game_Button = SAVE
    Load_Game_Window_Title = LOAD GAME
    choose_save_game_to_load = CHOOSE A FILE TO LOAD:
    Save_Game_Window_Label = SAVE GAME

    event_EquinoxCelebration_end_all = The equinox has ended, and your populace return to their everyday lives.
    messageWorker = Population increased in {0}
    messageSpellcraft = Spellcraft increased to {0}

    effectChaosChannelsApplied = {0}
    citiesList_Unrest = Unrest:

    enchantments_popup = Some of your enchantments will dissipate at the end of this turn due to lack of Mana. Increase your Mana production to accommodate for your spells’ upkeep.\n\nDo you still wish to proceed?

    Pathfinding = Pathfinding
    Pathfindingdesc = Unit, along with his army, is able to move through any terrain at a cost of 1 Movement Point.
    Forester = Forester
    Foresterdesc = Unit is able to move through forests at a cost of 1 Movement Point.
    Swampdweller = Swampdweller
    Swampdwellerdesc = Unit is able to move through swamps at a cost of 1 Movement Point.
    Mountaineer = Mountaineer
    Mountaineerdesc = Unit is able to move through mountains at a cost of 1 Movement Point.

    CorruptTile = Corrupt Tile
    CorruptTiledesc = Unit is able to corrupt tiles, making them useless for the living but beneficial for the unhallowed.
    PurifyTiledesc = Unit is able to purify corrupted tiles, restoring them to usefulness.

    tooltipUnitPanel15 = Mana is used by the unit to cast spells in battles.
    tooltipUnitPanel16 = Shows the unit’s appearance and description.
    tooltipUnitPanel17 = Shows the unit’s abilities, perks, and spells affecting it.

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    Sorry folk right now I'm in holidays in Ecuador can't help much :/ Will be be back on the 12th... good luck until then

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    Tout ça a été traduit au fait.

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    Thanks to the work of Sloul this week-end, I am proud to announce that the French translation is finished!
    Last edited by Eider; 10-06-2014 at 08:12 AM.

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    Quand y en a plus, y en a encore...

    New lines added

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    edit du 10/10: je continue de traduire les nouveaux passages
    Et merci a sloul pour le joli coup de main

    Edit du 18/10
    I reach the end of the file.
    If someone could read after me...

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