I like playing the Russians in any WWII game, once Ive mastered the German side.

I always do the what-if scenario that Stalin was more distrustfull of Hitler, and became more aggressive early to the potential late joining axis members, closer to Germany itself.

In other words my main target is Romania....not Finland.

The flaw I am seeing in ToW is, If you are playing Russian, early declare war on Romania...100% of the time you are at war with Germany...and if you wait to spring of 40, when the computer units are heavily engaged with france and England, you will win too easily.

IMO this is a serious design flaw, the German AI needs to check if this response is practical...as getting overran on 2 fronts too early kills the game IMO

So just dont do it you say?....why its so easy to win as Russian, of course i SHOULD do it?...game exploit should be fixed IMO.