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Thread: Is there a way to change Germany's flag?

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    Is there a way to change Germany's flag?

    I'm considering buying Fall Weiss, but first I want to know if there is a way to change the flag to one other than the Nazi flag. I'd prefer to use the black, white and red tricolor flag used from 1866-1918 and 1933-1935, but I'm fine with Germany's current flag, (which was also used by the Weimar Republic) or the one you used in Strategic War in Europe. I know changing the flag isn't historically accurate, but it's hard to enjoy playing as someone who would have wanted me killed. I know there are two other countries, but playing as Germany is a third of the game's content.

    EDIT: I bought the game and it is possible, you have to rename the Germany_non_historical (Which is the flag used in Wastelands other games) file in the maps folder to Germany. I think you can rename the other flags the same way if you want to switch countries flags for some reason, but I haven't tried it.
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