If this topic should have been in the 'other' topic thread or et al, please move it. I've tried to search the forums if this had been asked before without success and the "buy it now" page doesn't give enough detail. Are there any specific details (other than speculation) someone can offer about it? I do realize this is not a front burner issue, but any plans the devs would like to share would be appreciated.

From the sale thread and past experiences these questions come to mind:
1.) Will it be a hardback, not a printed paperback like the original MoM manual?
2.) It will have *every* coded spell for the final version in the game with at least the same level of detail as the original MoM manual per spell? (I would presume yes on this....)
3.) What type of substrate will be used for the cover and also for the inside pages?
4.) Given that the original manual was printed during a time with conventional ink being less expensive than UV ink, will the manual pages be printed with UV pantone inks?
5.) I presume that the book spine/contents will just be glued only?
6.) Will the book just be printed ink or will it have special content like hot stamping, embossing, gloss coating, etc.?

Since I missed out on the backing opportunity, I will most likely order a physical spellbook. I have at least three copies of MoM spellbooks. My second spellbook manual has nearly all of the pages worn out of it with little glue even on the spine. My first book has some splitting on the often referenced pages. The third book is kept in its' own box; however, the ink in all three have a tendency to rub/smear when touched especially on heavy coverage content. It's cheap ink after all. I'm not looking for a leather hardback with engraved pages (I wouldn't complain!), just something very closely akin to the D&D Wizard's Spell Compendiums quality. The artistic image looks like it could be average or better quality; however, I would like something that could last from moderate use.

Any details would be appreciated.