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Thread: United States 2014 Midterms

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    United States 2014 Midterms

    The 2014 Midterm elections are finishing on Tuesday, (Some states in the east don't have early voting though) so I'd like to remind any American citizens on the forums to vote. I'm also including a poll because I'm curious about who the forum thinks should win the elections.

    EDIT: If you can't vote in the US, it's fine if you vote in the poll. I'll write a very basic explanation of US politics for non-US Wastelanders.

    Democrats are mostly center left, Republicans are mostly far right, Libertarians are left wing on social issues and far right on economics, Greens are left wing environmentalists, and the Constitution party is very, very far right. There is no center right party right now, but candidates can run without being affiliated with a political party. US politicians are more likely to disagree with the rest of their party on some issues than elsewhere in the world. The Democrats in particular have many centrist politicians, including Obama himself.

    President Obama is not up for reelection, and cannot take a third term in the 2016 election. The Supreme Court is not elected, and is appointed by the president. The US has a first past the post voting system, like the UK and Canada, which prevents anyone but the Democrats and Republicans from being elected to 95% of offices.
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