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Thread: Unhallow unfair advantage?

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    Unhallowed unfair advantage?

    This has been mentioned before, but I will bring it to the fore again.

    Picking the Discipline " Tyrant" for a bonus 2 points, is not really a negative for the unhallowed as they are unaffected by unrest.

    Also I feel that when say your stack of undead attack another unit of undead, Huecuva for example. They do not seem to take damage? I guess this is because the Huecuva are using/causing negative energy damage. This should not be the case imho, but you/others may disagree, just makes certain protected world features a lot easier to capture for the unhallowed.

    Anyway the games coming along great guns, cant wait for the Titans/greater monsters :-)
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    You make a good point about Tyrant, zdsdead. I'll need to give it a think.

    Huecuva can't directly damage undead. However, they are going to be given a Charm Undead unit ability in time. We may need to do more than that, but we want to get the ability in place and test it before we make any more changes.
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