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Thread: A true successor to Master of Magic

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    Thank you for the excellent post Glorfindel7! And, I certainly try to make use of even harsh feedback. You have to take the bitter with the sweet, lol.

    As you mentioned we've already addressed or are currently addressing most of those desires. Unit balancing has to wait until we get the last few mechanics in place. Expect that to happen soon. Once it's done the "super units" should feel more super.

    Either way, we plan to keep listening and keep making improvements up to (and beyond) release.
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    Personally, I really liked the cut scenes that played in MoM when you summoned things and such, but I agree with most of that review. (Still hoping the first expansion increases unit numbers per side to ten or twelve or something, so we can have more variety, too.)
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    I'm looking forward to more units per faction myself.
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    i would be happy if for now the game saves and reloads....its been a few weeks since i played, but that was getting real fustrating and burned me out. Waiting to play again for a more finished product that actually saves and reloads....i guess we are there now?

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    My saves worked from the last build in this new build. So that's a good sign.
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