Given the lack of a dedicated AI thread this seemed like the best place to post this. I should preface this by saying I'm not an experienced coder, so I don't know the logistics of this or whether it already happens, but here goes. For the sorcerer lord AI it might be worth looking in to to design the AI to operate based on priorities rather than preset formulas. By this I mean that subsets of behavior each have a numerical value which determines their current level of relevance to the AI.For instance let's say the AI has relatively few cities in comparison to other players. The expansionism priority would receive a proportional boost to rectify the problem. As a result the AI would shift its attention more towards building settlers rather than bee-lining straight for the bank building when you have 3 cities like some of us players might do XD this would also allow for balancing between short term and long term goals. For instance the AI might be naturally inclined toward building that temple but if the threat level becomes too high (war, zerglings, restless natives etc.) it chooses to build defenses instead even though the long-term goal is to build that temple. Im not sure if I differentiated that clearly from programming a formulaic AI but basically I'm saying more of a fuzzy math approach to create a more dynamic AI. I'm sure it's in good hands though.