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Thread: Collection of GUI/quality of life ideas from the steam community

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    Lightbulb Collection of GUI/quality of life ideas from the steam community

    I have collected the GUI ideas from the steam community and put them here in a consolidated list to make it easier on the developers. Credit will be given to the original authors at the bottom of the post.

    1. I'd love to have more flexible camera control, both in and out of combat.
    2. I'd love for there to be a way of sorting cities that you control.
    3. From within the city screen, I want to exit that screen to a view overlooking that particular city.
    4. I want to be able to locate specific features that I've already found, and maybe even cycle through them, or find the closest one (examples -- unguarded planar gates, Nodes that I control. Nodes that the enemy wizards control, Inns, neutral cities, cities belonging to specific or any AI wizard)
    5. I'd love to have a more functional minimap, preferably one that can be zoomed in and out to show more detail.
    6. When I cast a spell, I want valid targets highlighted. For example, when I cast strands of power, I'd love to see on the (more functional) minimap all the cities that don't yet have that enchantment on it.
    7. On the diplomacy screen, whereever a wizard's name is refered to, there should be an indicator of his color on the map. I see 'Magog' on the diplomacy screen, but I haven't a clue most of the time which units, cities, and special locations actually belong to Magog. I have no idea if he's a death wizard, or if he has a mixture of destrucitonn and mentalism or what. I wouldn't even know if he's unhallowed if it wasn't for the fact that we'd be in permawar (although I've been in permawar with non-Unhallowed wizards also because, apparently, he got pissed off at me for stealing one of his cities (the dirty bastage lol).
    8. I want to know every time I lose a special location. I want to know every time a new enemy unit (especially neutrals and ones belongint to wizards that I'm at war with) comes close to one of my cities or one of my nodes or one of my Great Libraries.
    9. I know that supposedly this was fixed, but it still doesn't work exactly right -- I want to know every feature that I have control of, and every feature that my opponents have control of. It was supposedly added in yesterday's update, but it doesn't always work right.
    10. When I cast a spell that doesn't need an actual target, I don't want to have to target it.
    11. When I split units from a group, I want to simply be able to select a destination for those units, instead of having a two-step process of splitting them and then moving them.
    12. When I build a ship, I don't want units defending in that city to be automatically loaded onto that ship. Other games (like the original "Empire", which was the inspiration for Civilization, which in turn was the inspiration for MoM) allowed you to set units to autoload. So if a ship appeared in the city, those units that would simply end up on that ship. I believe that "Alpha Centauri" did something similarly.
    13. I don't want units to forget their destination. I should only be reprompted to set the destination if and only if the unit cannot move any closer to it due to intervening enemies, etc.
    14. I want stacks of units to be able to move through each other if their size allows it. Not every unit in a stack needs to be considered part of the same troop (I understand that the devs decided to simplify things by making that so, but I don't know any other 4X game that does that off the top of my head). Different units should be able to be defending while other units are on a path to a destination.
    15. I want a screen like in MoM for finding each unit stack, but also I want to have a way of sorting them by type or whether it is healing, defending or is moving or building a road, or converting a node, and so on.
    16. When I click on a notification, I don't necessarly want that notification to go away just yet. Probably a right-click should zoom in on the appropriate unit, or city, and left click make the notification go away.
    17. I would like for the city names on the strategy map to have an opacity. The names really get in the way at times.
    18. As pretty as it is, I wish the strategy map had less detail (mountains shorter, trees not animated etc). Or instead, make locations you can interact with stand out more. I find myself accidently overlooking bandit camps etc simply because they blend in too well in the (in my opinion, too busy) surroundings.
    19. Statistics shown for units displayed when interacting with strategic map locations. Ex, is fighting that earth elemental a good idea? No clue since I don't know what an earth elemental is capable of.
    20. The graphics for movement limitations are overly complicated in tactical. The color variation of the tiles that show movement range don't seem to serve any purpose and lead to confusion. The tiles that would only take up part of your movement (leaving you time for an action) should be yellow and the tiles that consume all of your movement should be orange.
    21. Enchanting units on the strategy map. I would like to be able to choose "cast" and then click on the stack the unit is in and then right click the unit I wish to cast it on. As it stands, the prompting for the spell comes up before the stack of units is selected and I have to preserve the spell, then select the stack, then navagate to the preserved spells, then select to cast it, and THEN finally choose the unit I wish to enchant.
    22. The ability to pan around the tactical map by moving the cursor to the screen edge.
    23. The ability to cancel the casting of a strategic spell. Lets say you accidentally click to cast a high mana cost spell and need that mana for an upcomming battle. Now all your mana will be drained every turn until the spell is finished casting, thus inhibiting your ability to win battles.
    24. Not a UI thing, but Undead need the ability to get gold. No gold means no heroes.
    25. In battle, if a unit uses up part of its movement, the selection changes over to the next unit and you have to then reselect them. Example: I move my skeletal archers 2 spaces and then my zombies are suddenly selected. I click the enemy thinking I'm going to shoot them, only to see my zombies start marching toward them instead.
    26. In tactical combat I want to be able to use an unit special abilities (spells) without going trough the special ability button>spellbook>use ability route. For example, have 3 clerics do 3 blesses at the start of each battle and it gets really old really fast. Just put 10 'buttons' on the bottom of the screen and fill them with abilites depending on what unit is selected. Tie 1-0 hotkeys to them and the whole process would be much faster.
    27. More tooltips on unit stats.
    28. Also please add a chance to hit indicator in percent if i hover over a enemy no matter if i cast a spell or attack with an unit.
    29. Building someting else should remove housing/tradegoods, do we really need a second tab for the building que ?
    30. I would like to viev unit stats in city screen (rightclick) and to select them and get out of city by double leftclick.
    31. Any place I see a unit icon, I don't care if it's in a city, on the EXP screen after defeating a world feature, or on a notification at the beginning of my turn, I should be able to right click that icon and bring up the unit's information window.
    32. I'd like to get some kind of notification when an enemy sorcerer lord casts a spell on one of my cities.
    33. I'd like to be able to swap between a 45 degree and 60 degree camera angle.
    34. I'd like the sound effect for opening and closing UI panels to change to something less clunky.
    35. The font size in the city management window needs to be larger and bolder.
    36. I want to see information about a unit before I select to build them, not just their name/costs.
    37. When I have a unit/army selected, I would like to hover over world features, and see what enemies lurk within, etc, without having to deselect the unit/army, and then clicking oin a world feature.
    38. When I save the game in the middle of my turn, and then reload it. I'd like to also see all of the notifications on the screen that were present at the time I saved it.
    39. If I have a settler-type unit selected with or without other non-settler units, and I use the surveyor tool, I'd like the tool to default to the race of that settler unit.
    40. I would like it if the building queue tab did away with the graphics and just put the buildings name w/turns remaining, in a scrollable list format.
    41. I think a vertical scrolling list format works very well, which is why so many different games use it. One thing about a scrolling list, is that it is easier to manipulate -- if you want to insert something into the queue, it's easy enough in most games to do so. If you want to move something in the queue, just drag and drop.
    42. Consistent use of right-click to close popup windows and cancel actions
    43. Icon borders (e.g. those on the inventory and equipment screen) should have a bright, clear border when they're in use. Sometimes its hard to tell inactive from active icons in the game
    44. Less 'white space' in popup windows. Make the text larger and use more graphics to fill the space.
    45. It's TOO EASY to mis-click on the battleboard and have your archers move forward instead of shooting. It's almost like the 'shoot' icon triggers on the enemy model instead of the square the enemy is occupying. Please fix this
    46. I hate it when I click beyond the movement range a unit has and it moves forward. Please only let units move when I click within its green movement area on the battleboard
    47. New coloration of the minimap on the shadow plane. It's currently almost all solid grey including the ocean, which makes it unusable. For ease of use, please make the ocean on the shadow plane minimap appear blue. I would say black, but then it would be indistinguishable between the ocean and undiscovered areas.
    48. More statistically relevant information in spell effect discriptions. Ex, "Levitation" effect simply states "Target gains Levitation" A better description would say "Target no longer receives movement penalties from any difficult terrain type" Or the spell "One With Earth" says "Target gains merging" I know the spell description says it allows the unit to move through the earth, but that still leaves you with questions as to it's exact effect. Teleport to location via underground?, can go underground and then come up whenever you want? etc.
    49. The crafting screen needs to have tooltips for each crafting material. If an item has no effect, whether its because the affect does not apply to the type of item, or if there simply is no effect in the game for it, it should not be listed as an available crafting material.
    50. There has to be ways to examine items, so that you can not only see the item's attributes, but get tooltips for those attributes. Examples: When arranging some kind of deal with another wizard, when looking at an item in the inventory, when looking at an item at an inn.
    51. In the same vein, just like when you are crafting items, when examining items, it would be good to see which of your heroes, if any can actually use them. I keep forgetting, for example, which heroes can use which armor types (I get some of the armor types confused).
    52. When you cast a summoning spell, you should have your focus changed to the city to which you are summoning, so that you can decide whether you need to move that new unit or not. Furthermore, on the magic panel, where it says 'summoning to', clicking on that should bring you to an overhead view of that city.
    53. When you are about to engage in combat, the combat dialog needs to include the name of your opponent, whether it's a wizard, or a neutral army. It's really only an issue for when you are being attacked.
    54. Ability to see unit stats in the spellbook for summoning.
    55. A preset building queue (containing all buildings I want to have built in a city) -> I save this queue in list of "player queues". Then I settle / capture new city, and instead clicking 10-15 buildings, I will just "import" pre-made queue - 1,2 clicks, and done.
    56. when I click a spell (especially one that has the power slide), I can't click 'i' (info) button of that spell... I have to select other spell just to see be able to click "info" of the wanted spell... before I learn all spells by heart, this will be annoying me.
    57. New spell research should work the same way as units needing orders and towns needing construction orders (indicating icon over the end turn button) instead of a popup.
    58. Newly summoned units should NOT automatically go into defend mode if you have units already defending there.
    59. Ability to rotate the main map in the same manner as the battlemap.
    60. I would like to see the alchemy default reversed. Today it's mana to gold as standard but to be honest i use it 99% to make gold into Mana. That should be the standard setting. OR have it default to whatever it was previously used for.
    61. seeing a chance to hit in percent in combat if you use an attack or spell would be very nice. Pretty much like in the old fallout 1 and 2 games.
    62. If i hover over a tile i can see how it add to food, production ect but i can not see the ammount of movmentpoints i need to cross the tile. It would be nice this information is added while hovering over a tile. Where does a new player get information how much movment points it cost to cross a terrain?
    63. Movement: a unit with all movement still remaining should atleast at all times be able to enter any neighbouring square (diagonal or not).
    64. Revamp the look of corrupted terrain to make it easier to identify (especially in the tiles immediately surrounding the city.
    65. Make buildings that spread corruption more accessable in early city development.
    66. Since undead can not build trade goods, perhaps they could build corruption (spread corruption on tiles near the city via city production).
    67. If a city has more than 1 item in its build queue, then display the Queue tab by default when viewing the city.
    68. When starting a new game using a stock sorceror lord, I would love to have a book open up when the game starts that displays some in-universe text / story / lore about the guy you're playing as. Something that gives flavour.
    69. The sorceror lord portraits on the diplomacy screens need to be about 5 times the size they are now, and centered in the window with a nice-looking frame (not just a colored border).
    70. The Alchemy buttons are not labelled very well. I often find myself clicking 'change' thinking, 'this will now CHANGE mana into gold'. What actually happens is that the slider switches around - no actual conversion takes place.
    Consider changing button lables:
    Proceed -> Transmute
    Change -> Switch
    71. Happiness, love the colour scheme above each city, very intuitive...any way it could show if happiness is 120 or 130%....currently it is guesswork when another temple etc might be needed...also would be great if happiness indicator was visible in city screen itself where I decide the actual building order.
    72. Enchantment listing: Should be splittable between unit, city, plane and global (Currently only listed somewhat in this order).
    73. Global enchantments should be greyed out if already active.
    74. Casting new spells should warn if other spell already being cast. or at least open spell book to page with spell being cast.
    75. Nodes: Once they are capped, a mouseover should show how much mana this one gives...(worth fighting a war over or not?).
    76. Combat animations are great....but too slow...would love to be able to switch animations off or something to speed up tactical combat.
    77. Flying units should be ableto move through other units, not around (just a minor something but would be so much more intuitive).
    78. Hero upgrade window just looks very clunky, just feels like its bare bones and somehow escaped whithout getting any love when graphics were handed out ...some mouseover for gained attributes (how much health, mana, extra savingthrow?) would be good as well.

    Disclaimer: Doing my best to avoid putting repeats in this consolidated list, but I'm far from perfect and may miss a duplicate or accidentally omit an idea. Thank you all for reading and contributing.
    Haldurson 1-16,38,39,41,49-53,57,58,60, Fortigan 17-25,40,47,48,54,66, Andarvi 26, bigsml 27-30,60-62, Troy_Costisick 31-35, Graye 36, darren 37, TickTack 42-46,67-70, Karol13 55,56, pictngrin 59, Gorbash 63-65,71-78
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    Great post Fortigan. Thanks!
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    Added a couple more. Instead of posting additions as a reply, I'll just keep adding to the original post to keep them consolidated.

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    That's a good idea.
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    Added 52 - 66

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