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Thread: Great STEAM Group to Join: Explorminate

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    Great STEAM Group to Join: Explorminate

    Heya WoM fans!

    There is a terrific STEAM group to join if you're looking to find like-minded 4x game fans. It's called eXplorminate ( They do one or two weekly podcasts and also a lot of let's play videos. They are a bunch of stand-up guys, IMO, and really are passionate about the genre. You can visit their STEAM forums here:

    I've been a member for around a month now, and have really enjoyed interacting with them. They love 4x strategy games and are excited for WoM. They want our game to succeed. So, if you're interested in meeting new people who like the same kinds of games you do, check them out. I can't recommend them enough


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    Yep. They seem like great guys.
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    I agree that they're passionate about 4X and give generally sound reviews and such. The only caveat I have is that DevilDogFF is a rabid Stardock fan and is heavily biased where Stardock is concerned. However, knowing that bias, you can still get good info about Stardock games, so it's not ad bad as it sounds.

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