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Thread: Quality of life changes

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    Quality of life changes

    Post all ideas that would improve the experience

    1. Closing GUI windows with right click
    2. Color coding equipped items on equipment panel for each hero
    3. Automatically selecting first unit to deploy
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    -Being able to set rally points for newly made units.

    -A bar or meter on the diplomacy screen that shows how much the other lord likes my proposal.

    -Being able to right click on any unit icon anywhere to bring up the unit's information.

    -The ability to right click on a world feature that has been captured to get an info box that tells me what is still does.

    -Being able to use the TAB key to cycle between my armies.

    -When splitting an army, doubling clicking on a unit will automatically transfer it to the new army.

    -A "Sentry" command for armies that fortifies them until a monster/enemy unit comes close.

    -Being able to adjust the "Settings" from in-game rather than having to exit to main menu.

    -The ability to move units around in the build queue.

    -Having an outline of city boundaries would be if a settler were to build BEFORE clicking on the build city button.

    -Being able to open multiple windows at once like City Management and Magic.

    -Being able to move windows like City Management and Magic around.

    -When hiring units, keep my selection so I can build multiples of the same unit without having select it over and over.

    -Confirmation windows when exiting play.

    -Drag and drop items in the diplomacy window.

    -Helpful highlights for buildings on the build menu: There should be three colors, one for focusing on population growth, one for focusing on military units, and another for focusing on magic. This will help newer players understand what buildings to build. Someone who doesn't know that it's important to build structures like the Granary, Farmer's Market, Forester's Guild, and Firshery early will find the game very difficult. Likewise if they want to improve the type of units they want to hire. Same goes for people playing the Unhallowed for the first time. They need some help knowing what to do. Color coding the buildings will give them at least some guidance on what to build if they feel they need more population, better units, or more magic power/research.

    Be back with more later
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    -Being able to use the TAB key to cycle between my armies.
    There's a keyboard shortcut for that already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoverdog View Post
    There's a keyboard shortcut for that already.
    Thought of one more.

    -Something that tells me what all the keyboard commands are. ;-D
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    Being able to adjust the "Settings" from in-game rather than having to exit to main men

    That's a missing feature, on our todo list

    When hiring units, keep my selection so I can build multiples of the same unit without having select it over and over.p
    You can double click it instead of selecting and clicking purchase

    Something that tells me what all the keyboard commands are. ;-D

    Options -> Input

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    1. Highest-level unit always the 'leader' of the army (it is the unit you see when looking at the army on the world map)
    2. Right-click context help everywhere
    3. Better camera movement (especially in battleboard)
    4. City not looking so far away / zoomed out in the city screen
    5. 'Stars' that indicate a units strength (1 star for lower level, 3 for higher level)
    6. World Features highlight when you mouse over them

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    1. Double-clicking a unit to transfer it to a separate army would be divine.
    2. I know you can double-click a unit/building to queue it up, but sometimes in the storm of double-clicks it counts one "double-click" as two units. Having the option to just click "Build" X times would be useful, in my opinion.
    3. Showing a light city outline when Surveying could help people understand how the tool is calculating bonuses/etc., especially for new players.
    4. When a unit has an Augmentation, some sort of indication should be on the unit. I loved the colored outlines that represented the first enchantment (I think that's how it worked?) in MoM, as it really made the unit look/feel stronger to me. Beyond that though, some "at a glance" indication that a unit has a buff, perhaps on hover-over, would go a long ways I'd think (beyond me hovering the buff over a unit and seeing the wand X'd out).
    5. This may be a bug, but when I went to cast Firestorm over a city/enemy army, the wand was X'd, but I could still cast.
    6. Being able to see the city up closer would be cool, or at least making the buildings bigger. I always love seeing all the buildings, but they look so small.
    7. Adding a graphic to the city enchantments would be awesome, though maybe I'm blind and just haven't seen them/used them enough. For example, Dark Rituals in MoM would create a dark-robed circle of little guys, Chaos Rift would tear the sky, etc. It really adds to the feel.
    8. When a Node is taken, I'd love to see an overworld graphic akin to the sparkles in MoM that show the strength of the taken node. For some reason I *loved* the sparkly areas that showed a wizard controlling magic from a node.
    9. If I choose to use RTS-style controls, have them carry over into the tactical battle. It isn't a big deal, but switching back and forth can be confusing at first.
    10. I'd love for camera controls to be bound to keys in the tactical battle, just like on the overworld. It can be a chore scrolling back and forth to select a back-row caster, then go and reliably click on a back-row enemy, etc.
    11. When using the camera mode button in the tactical battle, sometimes the side graphics obscure parts of the grid.
    12. When a unit is greater than 1x1 size in the tactical battle, it can be difficult to get a feel for which square of the unit represents the units position. For Doom Drakes, for example, it appeared to be the lower-left square from the attacking perspective, but you could click movement squares right up next to another unit even though you don't have to waste the movement points.
    13. When clicking on the minimap to go to a different part of the world, I believe the map has to scroll over, and it feels like it does this slowly. I'd love for the map to just snap to the place I clicked.
    14. Maybe I'm just being a silly bugger, but I haven't figured out how to look at an enemy city. I thought perhaps the feature was disabled unless you used "Nature's Eyes", but not being able to see their buildings/perks/etc. is a bit of a bummer.
    15. Sometimes the units sort of blend into the overworld, though with a top-down camera it isn't bad. Perhaps adding the ability to enable a transparent "haze" on the tile that matches the unit's flag (brown for neutral, otherwise wizard color). It would be reminiscent of the MoM tiles without feeling overbearing (I think, at least that's how it is in my head. Could be very different in reality).
    16. Some of the ranged magical damage animations don't appear to match the unit's damage type. For example, Draconian Elementalists shoot a purpley-smokey looking projectile that is the same was what Huecuvas shoot, though Huecuvas do Negative energy damage (which matches the projectile) and Elementalists do Fire damage. Maybe this is on the list already as "clean-up".
    17. On the Battleboard, I'd like to be able to submit commands to new units while another is moving, just to make it feel more fluid. When moving 10 units forward 3 squares, it can feel tedious when each takes several seconds to move.
    18. Similar to the fluidity idea of 17, when I select a unit like Manslayers to cast a spell, then click another unit while the spell animation is going, it will re-select the Manslayers once the spell is complete. It isn't a huge deal, but it's a bit frustrating to have control wrenched away from me, even in a small manner.
    19. Another small thing, but I'd love for different unit types to have more distinct sounds on the Battleboard. Having cavalry/hell hounds/animals in general do a rumbling sound while infantry made a "swish swish" sound in MoM really made it feel dynamic. This could very well be on the list already as well.

    I think that's all I have for now. I'm not sure how well a lot of these will resonate with folks, but they were things I thought while playing, so I figured I'd drop them here.

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    13. When clicking on the minimap to go to a different part of the world, I believe the map has to scroll over, and it feels like it does this slowly. I'd love for the map to just snap to the place I clicked.

    It depends on the distance between the place you've lcicked on and current

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    A few more:

    -Allow us to press SPACEBAR or ENTER to end a turn.

    -Allow us to map the Function Keys to GUI buttons (or go ahead and set that up yourselves).

    -Allow us to use WASD to move the world map around in addition to the arrow keys.

    -Allow us to use the Backspace key to hide the GUI on the world map and battleboard. This includes the info boxes in the upper left and right hand corners.

    -Map PgUp and PgDown to zoom in and out.

    -Home key should automatically center the game on your capital.

    -If we can’t already save/load games in our cloud drives like Dropbox, could that somehow be enabled? Cloud storage of the games would be wonderful.

    -If possible, let us go ahead and give a unit an order during combat while another unit’s animations play out. If it comes time for the second unit to attack and the target is already dead, just have a little floating message about the unit’s head that says, “Target no longer valid” We can go back and reassign the attack then. This would help speed combat up some.

    -Please reduce to the production costs to build the following buildings: Builder’s Hall, Smithy, Granary, Marketplace, and Farmers’ Market. The early game is still too slow.

    -Please increase the cost to build the following buildings: Bank, Merchants’ Guild, Wizards’ Guild, War College, and Alchemists’ Guild. These are way too easy build as of now, IMO.

    -If possible, let us hold down the mouse wheel button and then be able to slide the camera left to right on the battleboard.
    -Get all keyboard and mouse commands in the wiki.

    -Put an enchantment bar somewhere on the battlefield for spells like Prayer, Darkness, etc.

    -Allow me to get tool tips on notices when windows like the City Manager are up. As of right now, I have to close all windows.

    -Give units an Explore command that orders them to wander around automatically clearing out fog of war.

    -Have the spellbook stay on the last page viewed. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to flip through six or seven pages looking for my heal or city enchantment spell.

    -Replace the (!) notification icon when a city gets a population growth with an icon of a farmer or worker (whoever you like better). This would really improve visual appeal and be more informative.

    -Allow a right click or right-click-hold or Alt Click on each thing in the build menus that gives the following options: “Add to beginning of queue,” “Add to end of queue,” and “Build indefinitely.” Obviously a pop-up would be needed for things that can’t be built ahead of their prerequisites. But this would be nice to have when I need to build a couple Warg Riders NOW and don’t want to disrupt the build queue I spent ten minutes getting right.

    -Let us save and load production queues with a command like Ctrl # or a Ctrl-left click. This would make setting up new cities much faster.

    -Having a highlighted progress circle on the Forge button on the main GUI that marks the progress of an item I’m creating would be great. Same goes for spells on the spell button that require more than one turn to cast.

    -I’ll ask that random events get their own symbols/artwork but I realize that’s asking a lot.

    -If we could do quick saves with Ctrl-S that would be awesome and much less cumbersome than opening the menu to save.

    -After the first sorcerer-lord dies, an "Enter the Titan" event should be automatically triggered. In most games, after the first lord dies, it's just a mop-up session from there. Triggering a titan will add a new complexity and new challenge that will keep the game engaging.

    -Also, I edited the last item on my first reply for clarity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy_Costisick View Post
    -Allow us to press SPACEBAR or ENTER to end a turn.

    -Allow us to use WASD to move the world map around in addition to the arrow keys.
    You can do this already in the Key Binding options. In fact, this is exactly how I have it set up, and it's dynamite.

    Also, I wanted to add another vote for the enchantment bar on the Battleboard designating what global enchantments have been cast. Additionally, I'm not sure what the best way would be to do this, but having some sort of indication that a unit is being affected by a spell/enchantment in their stats. For example, if I cast Black Prayer, then hover over an enemy, their Fort/Reflex/Will would be red numbers to show that they are lower than normal, or would show a little red (-1) next to all of them showing that each is losing a point as per the enchantment. I don't know that it's necessary, I just like to see the sum total of the effects without wondering if it is actually being applied or not.

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