I've had the beta for some time now. One thing that puts me off the game a lot is the very clunky interface. I find it a pain to navigate around this game with unusual design choices compared to many other games.

To give you some background, I played many, many hours of Master of Magic which is one of my all time favourite games. The fact that I find it hard to play this game for more than 15 minutes should explain just how much the GUI is putting me off.

It could be that I haven't read enough of the forums to know keyboard shortcuts for my issues, so please feel free to educate me.

Issue #1 - I select an army, I left click and set a destination. I haven't found any way to cancel that movement order. I might've made a big mistake in where I clicked. I want that ability to remove the movement destination.

Possible solutions: Left clicking again on that stack again should set a waypoint on top of that tile which in effect, cancels the destination I had previously set. Or perhaps using the escape key could do it, though the escape key is normally used in many games to bring up the game menu.

Issue #2 - Speaking on the game menu, why doesn't the escape key bring up the game menu?

Issue #3 - I'm loving the fantasy mysterious locations to explore in the game. Such a good variety of those. However, they are hard to spot on the main map. In fact, the artistic style is hard to visually process, which is not good in a strategy game. It is very cluttered.

Possible solutions: Add a subtle glow effect or sparkles to special locations to draw the eye to those. Reduce the size of the terrain features like trees; I'd suggest experimenting with a 25% reduction and see how that looks.

Issue #4 -There are a lot of animations and combined with the large scale of the terrain and the relatively small size of the map tiles, it is a busy, cluttered look on the main map. It's just way too busy in my opinion.

Possible Solutions: Reduce the spearman stretch and similar unit fidgets, and tone down the tree swaying.

I have more feedback which I'll post later.