So I've been playing the new build of WoM whilst on spring break so I could enjoy it on my good computer. So I'm going through and the game has come so far since I last tried to play it! It's truly astounding how great of a game it has become and how it seems to hold my attention better than any strategy game has in many years.

There was just a couple things I wanted to have cleared up by someone who knows so that I can truly praise the game whole-heartedly:

1. Will ALL units have some (or any, in most cases) kind of description? It feels weird having some units with a nice paragraph of info and other being like, "orcs". I'm sure these are just placeholders but with "release" coming in 10 days, I'm a bit ancy.

2. Any kind of hero personality whatsoever. Heroes were really why i waited to dive into WoM because I knew it just wouldn't be fun without them. Now that they're here, it seems like I'm getting the same 3 heroes 10 times cuz they all look the same on every level. Again, I'm hoping its placeholders, but I just wanted to throw out there how important it is to some of us that the heroes have interesting and sometimes out-there personalities (Malleus the crazy magician's portrait. Now that's personality). Not to mention it helps when you're looking for a specific hero for its class or something.

I think that covers my concerns. Seriously, other than that this game looks so amazing and full of just fun adventure! Instant classic, guys, instant classic.