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Thread: Worlds of Magic Launch F.A.Q.

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    Worlds of Magic Launch F.A.Q.

    Worlds of Magic FAQ

    Q: How do I split an army?
    A: In the unit bar that is at the top right, select a unit you would like to move and then click anywhere on the world map. If you want to move more than one unit, hold the CTRL key as you select your units.

    Q: How do I change map views?
    A: You can press the “N” key to toggle between the top-down and isometric views.

    Q: How do I add or subtract points to spell circles when making a sorcerer lord?
    A: You can add points by left clicking and dragging right and subtract by left clicking and dragging left. OR you can left click to add and right click to subtract.

    Q: How do I select and move units?
    A: The game defaults to Left-Click Select, Left Click Move. You can change this in the Settings/Options menu under Inputs.

    Q: What building should I build first?
    A: Generally, it's a good idea to start with a Granary in your first city. That will help improve your food production and speed up population growth in your capital city. From there, you could build a Market to help improve your economy, a Shrine to help reduce rebels, or an Armory to add more military options. In a newly founded city, it's best to start with a Builders' Hall.

    Q: How do add Gold to my income or increase/decrease taxes?
    A: Near the top of the main GUI, there is an icon that looks like a city. Click on it. This will bring up your city management menu. At the top left, you can find your tax bar. This allows you to increase or lower taxes. It also shows how much unrest is created by each tax level.

    Q: What is a good faction to start with? What is one I should maybe avoid as a new player?
    A: All of the factions are fantastic choices; however, some may be a little easier to play than others. Orcs and Grey Elves are both very good choices for someone who may be new to the game. They are very well balanced factions with powerful units and useful buildings. The Orcs have excellent population growth and the Grey Elves have excellent combat synergy. You may try one of them. New players may want to avoid trying the Unhallowed for their first game. That faction has an entirely different approach to the game than the other seven. That might cause the learning curve for WoM to be even steeper. The undead are incredibly rewarding to play but certainly more difficult than the rest.

    Q: How do I get rid of rebels in my city?
    A: There are several ways. First, you can lower your tax rate as described above. Second, you can garrison troops in your city. Two troops should be able to suppress one rebel. Third, you can build certain buildings in your cities like Shrines, Temples, or Oracles that reduce unrest. Finally, there are certain spells like Tranquility that can reduce unrest.

    Q: How do I turn gold into mana or mana into gold?
    A: Go to the Magic Panel. It is on the left hand side of the main GUI. There is a tab called “Alchemy” at the top. Click on it. This opens the alchemy GUI where you can change mana into gold and vice versa.

    Q: How do I cast a spell?
    A: There are two methods. You can access your spell book from the Magic Panel described in the previous FAQ or you can click on the book icon on the main GUI. All your spells will be presented with icons and descriptions. Click on one of them to begin casting. It may take more than one turn to cast. Once the spell is reading to cast, a pop-up window will appear asking if you want to cast the spell or save it. Choose one of them. If you selected cast, choose a legal target (if necessary) and left click.

    Q: How do I quicksave?
    A: F9 should quicksave for you.

    Q: How do I disband a unit?
    A: Right click on the unit's icon on the army bar at the top left. A unit panel will appear. Find the icon that resembles a small skull. Clicking it will dismiss the unit permanently.

    Q: How do I end the turn without addressing any remaining notifications?
    A: You can end the turn at any time by pressing the "T" key.

    Q: How do I change my mana income?
    Go to the aforementioned magic panel. You can drag the level of Power assigned to Mana up or down. You can also lock Mana, Research, or Spellcraft to prevent to prevent their levels from changing.

    Q: How do I increase negative energy production?
    A: Certain Unhallowed buildings like Shrines and Temples produce negative energy. Also, you can assign your population to produce negative energy. Finally, if any tiles within your city’s radius are not corrupted, you can use various Unhallowed units to corrupt them and that should increase your production.

    Q: How do I purify a tile?

    A: Each faction has at least one unit that can purify. Normally, this is a caster of some sort. When a unit with the Purify ability moves to a corrupted tile, a white Purify icon will appear under the unit bar in the upper left hand corner. Click that icon and the purification process will begin.

    Q: How do I build a siphon?
    A: Much like Purify, Build Siphon is an ability most casters have. Also, Magic Spirits (tier 1 Arcane spell) can build them. Simply move one of these units to a node that has been conquered and click the Build Siphon icon under the unit bar. It may take a few turns to complete.

    Q: How do I get a Hero?
    A: You can summon a hero character with either the Summon Hero or Summon Champion spell. You may also be able to hire one at an Inn. Finally, you can select the "Mentor" discipline when creating a sorcerer lord. Doing so means you will start the game with a hero.

    Q: How do I increase the range of my city?

    A: Currently, there is only way to change the “fat plus” of a city. The spell “Tamed Frontiers” will expand your city’s range.

    Q: Can I cast more than one spell per turn during combat?

    A: No. Sorcerer lords are limited to one spell per turn during combat.

    Q: Can I cast more than one spell on the world map?
    A: Depends. You can spend an amount of Mana equal to your Spellcraft skill each turn. So if you want to cast two spells on a turn with a combined mana cost less than or equal to your Spellcraft, then you will be able to cast both on the same turn.

    Q: Are there any spells that change terrain or resources?
    A: Yes, there are many. Some are more versatile than others, but many different circles will have spells that change terrain and/or resources.

    Q: Can I rearrange buildings in my city’s build queue?
    A: No. The game’s system allows you to put buildings in the queue after their prerequisites have been put in the queue. If you were allowed to rearrange the order, it may cause an error where all the prerequisites have not been met. While this may be a small inconvenience in the early game, we’re sure you will appreciate this feature as your empire grows.

    Q: How do I scrap a magic item for mana?
    A: Go to the Equipment tab on the crafting panel. Click on the magic item you no longer want and drag it to the trashcan icon. This will convert it for you.

    Q: Is there a diplomatic path to victory in Worlds of Magic?
    A: No, not yet. However, it is something we are considering for future content. It will be discussed at a later date, so if this is something you are interested in, please check the boards in the coming months and weigh in once the topic is opened.

    Q: Is Worlds of Magic moddable in any serious way?

    A: Yes! Modding is greatly supported in Worlds of Magic. Nearly every aspect of the game can be modded including spells, units, disciplines, AI, and more. As we support the game, various editors will be added that will make modding even easier!

    Q: Why is <insert mechanic> included or not included?

    A: Worlds of Magic is purposely intended to be a spiritual successor to the Microprose classic, “Master of Magic.” Since that was our stated design goal from the beginning, every time we considered adding something to the game we first asked, “Could this mechanic have fit in Master of Magic?” If the answer was no, we purposely left it out. Our design choices were deliberate, and while they may not always be in keeping with the latest design choices newer games have made, our choices always reflected our admiration and loyalty to the original vision of creating a game in the vein of MoM.
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    Q: How do I know if a location would be a good spot to build a new city?
    A: Hitting the F1 key will bring up a surveyor tool that will tell you what benefits will be provided if you built a city at the location under the mouse cursor. It will give you the maximum Population, Food bonus, Production bonus, and Resource benefits of any potential city site. The surveyor tool can also be brought up from the Info menu in the main GUI.

    Q: How do I access a spell I have preserved instead of casting?
    A: Open your spell book in the main GUI and click on the red bookmark on the bottom left side of the book. This will bring up a list of all your preserved spells that are ready for immediate casting.

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