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Thread: Question regarding adamantine and mithril ore

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    Question regarding adamantine and mithril ore

    I apologies in advance if this was already discussed in details, or if I post this into wrong subsection of the forum. I tried to use Search and failed to locate the data I am looking for.

    The question, if I may. My city had alchemist guild and adamantine ore in its area (city “Perk” pointed it out ) but it did not provide any kind of armor class bonus to any units whatsoever. The number of armor class remained the same – and did not matter if I had alchemy guild in the city or not.

    Did I do something wrong or misunderstood the message?

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    I've also tried making items with Mithril, Adamantine and Heartstone, and didn't see any effect. Perhaps it's "there", but not being reflected in the numbers?


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    we'll take a look.

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