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Thread: 1st bad review from german online magazine Gamersglobal

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    First impressions are important, but they aren't everything. Look at the slew of games that have 3s or lower on the Metacritic from people knee-jerking 0s because they can't log in for a day, or some other reason. Those aren't big reviewers, but the fact remains that games *can* come back from a first impression.

    I really don't think this game is about a heavy-hitting release, either. Sure, it'd be nice to sell a whole bunch of copies out of the gate, but word of mouth as the game develops seems like it will have a much larger impact. Certain games/genres can't weather the early storm, but as long as WoM can just bowl through any flak, I bet there's going to be a niche that permeates the 4X/old gamer world that might huff and puff at first, but wants to keep an eye on the game just in case it reaches the point that fixes their problems.

    I always like to think of how popular games started when early reviews come in. From what I hear, WoW was a complete mess. Diablo 3 almost caused an apocalypse from the anger/backlash (that didn't stop RoS from selling big). Any of the other myriad of MMOs that launch with login issues and are lambasted, even though those issues often only last a few days, and are still successful.

    It's the Age of Instant Gratification, and if someone isn't instantly pleased with a product, they'll go comment everywhere about how no one else should get it. Once that storm passes, those who still love the game will come out of their shelters and continue to enjoy, spread the word, and help the game grow.

    Plus, I hate most reviews these days, in addition to how people hold them as law. I don't listen to any of them as a consumer.

    Good luck pushing through the release storm guys! I'll still be playing when I can and looking forward to developments!

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    Thanks! And I agree that word of mouth is probably going to have a large impact on WoM. The people that are really involved with the game and really love it will keep spreading the good word.
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    positive review on polygamia (in Polish)

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